Allée sud.

South path.



Vue du coin sud-ouest.

From South-West corner view.


Vue du coin sud-est.

From South-East corner view.


Vue du coin nord-ouest.

From North-West corner view.


Vue du coin nord-est.

From North-East corner view.


Îlot central en forme de U.

Central U-shape island.



Zone pour de rangement du bois et des matériaux.

Wood and material storage zone.


Allée est.

East path.



Allée nord.

North path.



Voici mes établis, espaces de travail principaux, tout près du banc de scie, mon outil principal.

Here are my workbenches, my main working areas, close to the tablesaw, my main workhorse.



Voici ma station de scies à onglets. Si certains croient que le fait de posséder trois scies à onglets semble exagéré, voici mon avis. J’ai reçu une scie en cadeau et j’ai acheté les deux autres à $100 chacune. Compte tenu que l’espérance de vie de ces scies est de 20 ans, les $200 dépensés répartis sur cette période de temps représentent $10 par année, soit 20¢ par jour. Je peux me payer ce luxe ! Et que dire de l’espace de rangement supplémentaire !

This is my miter saw station. If anyone thinks that owning three miter saws seems overkill, here is my opinion. I got one miter saw as a gift and I purchased the two others at $100 each. Since the life expectancy of these saws is 20 years, the $200 spent spread over this period of time represents $10 per year, or 20¢ per week. I can afford that luxury! And how about the additional storage space !



Le banc de scie, en ligne avec la table de sortie et la table à toupie principale, est l’outil le plus important et le plus utilisé de mon atelier.

The tablesaw, in line with the outfeef table and the main router table, is the most important and the most used tool of my workshop.



54 Responses to Atelier/Workshop

  1. tom says:

    If you had to make an acute cut on a miter saw that has a max limit of 47 degrees and you wanted say 56 how would you do that? do you have a jig that would assist?


  2. colette theriault says:

    vous avez un très beau atelier moi l ébénisterie me fascine beaucoup j aime beaucoup le bois mon grand père était ébéniste et mon oncle aussi il mon fabriqué de très beau morceau que je garde précieusement comme horloge ,petite table . plateau de service , plateau tournant avec bol et autre je suis très fier de faire parti de ton site Colette du NB amie de Francine et Pierre

    • Merci Colette. Mon atelier est mon orgueil et le partage de ma passion est un plaisir ! :)

      Pour t’inscrire, as-tu inscrit ton adresse courriel dans une des zones spécifiques de la colonne de droite, soit en haut, soit en bas en cliquant sur l’onglet “Follow” ?

      Au plaisir… et mes salutations et Francine et Pierre.

  3. Keith says:

    Nice shop. Sure looks a lot more spacious from the diagram than the photos; I have the same problem in my shop.

    It’s good to find your blog. I have seen your name many times in “hints” sections of various magazines.

    And maybe this will give me a chance to brush up from my French classes of 40 years ago. J’ai oublier presque tout.

    • Keith says:

      Forgot to mention that this looks like it would be the size of the average two-car garage with ell. Also having three miter saws means not having to reset the angle very often. Yeah, that’s it.

      • Keith,

        In my previous house my shop was in a two-car garage and my current shop is only a bit squeezed. I must say that I have much more tools and jigs than those days. Considering that today miter saws are very cheap (no need for three high end models), spread over a life time three saws are worth it and cost only pennies per use.


    • Thank you Keith,

      You will probably agree, a shop is always too small !

      Welcome back in the French mood ! :-D And thank you for registering to follow me in my woodworking and sharing journey.

      Au plaisir…

  4. Keith says:

    Yes, my last few projects have been a set of tall dressers, queen headboard, two sets of bunk beds, and three floor-to-ceiling bookcases. I’m always moving work in progress from one place to another to get it out of the way. I have a friend who has a 5,000 sq. ft. workshop for just himself. It’s a bit too big, in my opinion. Too much walking to get from point to point and too expensive to heat and cool all of it so he only heats at his work bench area. He does have two cabinet saws, though. One for ripping and one for cross cut.

    • Keith,

      5,000 sq.ft ! Wow, this is larger than my lot ! If I had the room, I too would have two table saws, but in one I would keep a dado blade set.

      I have two 24″X24″ dollies to drop large projects on to ease moving them around as you do. I hope you have some too.


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