Filling New Free Space / Utiliser ce nouvel espace libre

Un de mes tours à bois parti (vendu), je passe maintenant à remplir l’espace (pensez réorganiser, bien sûr).

One of my wood lathes gone (sold), let’s fill the space (think reorganize, of course).

Je vise un réaménagement le plus simple possible.

I’m aiming a reorganization as simple as possible.

Je possède déjà un assemblage (lien), maintenant désuet, lequel sera ici idéal une fois que j’aurai réalisé des rainures pour stabiliser les longs serre-joints. Compte tenu que la précision n’est pas requise, la scie à onglets est mon option la plus simple et la plus rapide.

I already have on hand an assembly (link), now useless, which here will be handy once slots will have been milled to stabilize long bar clamps. Since precision is not required, the miter saw is my quicker and simpler option.

J’utilise la chute A et le jauge multifonctions B comme gabarits pour tracer les lignes de coupe.

I’m using scrap A and set-up bar B as gauges to mark cut lines.

Compte tenu que ce matériau est du HDF (fibres de haute densité), j’utilise un ciseau à froid et un marteau pour éliminer les segments.

Since this material is HDF (high density fiberboard), I’m using a cold chisel and a hammer to knock out the segments.

C’est un bon début.

It’s a good start.

Chanceux ? Non, le casier à papier abrasif est accroché sur une languette biseautée.

Lucky? No, the sandpaper box is hanging on a beveled French cleat.

Je perce partiellement pour une vis et un tuyau.

I’m partially drilling for a screw and a pipe.

Compte tenu que j’avais préalablement biseauté le support, j’ai dû l’asseoir sur un coin (j’en ai une tonne) afin de percer des trous perpendiculaires.

Since I previously beveled the support, I had to drop it on a wedge (I have a tonne of them) to drill perpendicular holes.

Des chiffons assurent un ajustement serrés, desquels j’ai coupés l’excédent avec une lame de rasoir un fois installés.

Cloths insure a tight fit, which I trimmed of afterwards with a razor blade.

Ici, des équerres pour tablette, sur lesquelles j’ai ajouté une languette de bois et du ruban antidérapant. C es pinces à ressort ont leur place et servent également de butées.

Notez que mes petits serre-joints costauds maison (lien) ont aussi leur place.

Here, shelf brackets, on which I added a wood strip and antiskid tape. These spring clamps have a place and act as stops as well.

Note that my homemade small rugged clamps (link) have their own place as well.

Mes 14 pratiques bidons de sable (18 lb – 8 kg chacun) sont à portée de main, ainsi que mon marchepied maison (lien).

My handy 14 sand-filled containers ((18 lb – 8 kg each) are at arm’s reach, as well as my step stool (link).

Celui-ci sera donc désassemblé et le bois réutilisé…prochainement.

This one will therefore be disassembled and the wood reused…shortly.

Un coin à faire rêver !

A corner to dream of!

Soyez avisé ! Inscrivez-vous gratuitement (colonne droite).

Soyez toujours prudent et bon bricolage !

Be notified ! Register for free (right column).

Always be careful and Happy Woodworking !


6 Responses to Filling New Free Space / Utiliser ce nouvel espace libre

  1. Loren Haas says:

    Nicely done Serge! I like to store my clamps on racks e tending out from the wall. It takes less precious wall space in my shop. I used 1/2″ rebar in pairs pounded into 5° angled holes for bar clamps and supported 1×2’s for 6″ & 12″ F-clamps and C-clamps. Really happy with this set up.


    • Serge says:

      Thank you Loren! You’re right, wall space is precious and you used yours wisely. I had in mind to do something similar as yours, but using plywood supports (I have lots of scraps), but since my new free space was quite low, I changed my mind for the shown setup, and I’m happy with it. And I as mentioned, I tried to keep it simple. My former mobile A-frame clamp rack was a good idea, at the begining, with by adding more and more clamps it became to heavy. Besides that, I needed free floor space for larger projects.
      Thank you for sharing a picture of your setup, which I meticulously observed, what raised a question. What are the two wood bars united by a square metal strip square and outfitted with a knob leaning on the tall cabinet?
      Best, Serge


  2. Mark Butler says:

    Well done as usual Serge. Now what are you going to do with the space your clamps were using before. Or is that going to be a future post :). Cheers Mark


    • Serge says:

      Thank you Mark, being an avid woodworker, I do my best! :). I’ll “try” to keep the space free for larger projects, such as the Shaker-style armoire I started a while ago (if I’d tell you the date I started you wouldn’t believe me!), and it’s already standing there. The next step should be the wide face frame.
      I’m planning to use most plywood strips from my former mobile A-frame clamp rack (shown) for an unusual storage system I design. Can’t wait to start that one too! So, I believe I answered your two questions! 🙂
      Best, Serge

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Chris Wong says:

    Looks great Serge! The cloth tip was great, too!



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