Filling Wasted Space / Remplir l’espace perdu

Trop chaud et trop humide pour travailler ces jours-ci, et en plus mon cerveau bouille d’idées !

Too hot and too humid to work these days, and even more, ideas are boiling in my brain !

En 2011 j’ai ajouté ce bac à outils amovible (lien) au flanc de mon établi. Toutefois, il est maintenant rare que je le sorte de son coin.

In 2011 I flanked this removable tool tray (link) to my workbench. However, now I rarely bring it out from its corner.

L’idée m’est venue de m’en servir pour tout autre chose, debout entre la porte et  mon nouveau tour à bois.

Came up the idea of using it for something else, standing between the door and my new wood lathe.

Éloigné de la plinthe, il n’a pas d’impact sur la porte et l’angle que je lui ai donné est un ici primordial.

Away from the baseboard, it has no impact for the door and the slope I gave it very here important.

Une seule vis, enfoncée dans la moulure, le stabilise.

A single screw, driven into the molding, stabilize it.

Un espace complètement perdu qui maintenant sert de rangement pour un peu de quincaillerie. Si requis, il y a assez d’espace pour y ajouter des petites tablettes.

A completely wasted space which now serves as hardware storage. If required, there is enough room to added small shelves into.

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Soyez toujours prudent et bon bricolage !

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Always be careful and Happy Woodworking !


16 Responses to Filling Wasted Space / Remplir l’espace perdu

  1. Mark Butler says:

    Serge, a good way to repurpose something you took the time to make for a different purpose. I have a question for you. How do you store your rolls of tape. I have I have more than a dozen different types of tape and store it in a drawer but I have been thinking there must be a better way then I thought you might have the same problem.
    Cheers Mark


    • Serge says:

      Hi Mark, For years I’ve been throwing all my rolls of tape into one of many vegetable bins stacked one on each other the opposite side of the door I mentioned in today’s post. So, it’s as bad as your drawer ! Yes, there must be a better way, but I didn’t stopped to think about it yet. So, let’s make a deal: if I find it I’ll let you know and if you do, you let me know. Deal ?


      • RobertJ817 says:

        Take the deal Mark, it looks like the odds are in your favor!
        Cheers Gents!


      • Mark Butler says:

        Yes, you have a deal Serge. I did think about an elaborate pully mechanism a few years ago that would hang from the ceiling joist with each roll of tape on a dowel so that you could rotate it to pick the roll you needed. If I ever run out of things to do, I’ll make two, one for you and one for me. Until then I’m hoping you come up with something more practical.


        • Serge says:

          Mark, I also thought about the ceiling using a board, a hinge and dowels or nails, as well as the idea of a disc (think park big wheel), on which I would hang my rolls on one side and be able to roll it to lower the want I need.
          Besides that, I spent some time today walking around my shop and found “my” solution, which I’m working on to share it tomorrow in a new post.
          So, see you tomorrow !


  2. Ramin REZAEI says:

    Superbe idée.


  3. Sam says:

    mieux que vos idées chaudes j’apprends le français
    continuez le bon travai


  4. diggerjack says:

    Salut Serge

    Une autre utilisation que l’initiale !! Tout se recycle !!!! Il y a quelques années j’ai récupéré une huche à pain et je l’ai transformé en étagère .. je suis parti d’une verticalité vers une horizontalité ….. en fait l’inverse de toi mais le résultat est le même au final !!!!!

    Bravo à toi

    Au plaisir


  5. Eric R says:

    It is inconceivable to me that you have ANY wasted space down there…lol


  6. zetuskid says:

    Neat idea. Just one question – what if you need something out of the 4th or 5th bottle down.⬇️ You would have to take all of them on top to get to the in you want, then restock. Just thinking!


    • Serge says:

      Claude, I only have to hold the jar above the one I want pull out, then slowly lower the remaining. To put it back, I just drop it on top.
      Simple enough ?

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Larry Thayer says:

    E-Mailed a little something. Wishing you well. Larry from Grand Haven. Jeremy says, HI.


    • Serge says:

      Hi Larry, good to hear from you both. Hope you and Jeremy are doing fine, and not confined! lol
      Your peanut jar tower looks great, and sure looks handy. Congrats! It reminds me the one I made years ago for my tobacco metal cans !
      Greetings to Jeremy too.
      PS: I still enjoy the logo you made for me!


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