Band Saw Blade Tension Reminder / Scie à ruban – Rappel de tension de la lame

Ma nouvelle scie à ruban possède un levier pratique pour appliquer rapidement et précisément la tension requise sur la lame. Afin de ne pas oublier de l’appliquer avant l’usage, ce qui pourrait endommager la lame, j’ai simplement noué un drapeau rouge (lien) au levier.

My new band saw has a handy lever to quickly and precisely apply required tension on the blade. So I won’t forget to apply such tension, what may damaged the blade, I simply tied a red flag (link) onto the lever.

Ainsi, face à la scie  je vois très bien que la tension est appliquée ou ne l’est pas.

Doing so, from the front of the saw I clearly see if tension is applied or not.

Lorsque la tension est appliquée le drapeau débarrasse instantanément et complètement la piste de course !

When tension is applied the flag instantly and completely clears the racetrack !

Attention, deux nouveaux gabarits sont en préparation. À suivre…

Attention, two new jigs are in process. To follow…

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12 Responses to Band Saw Blade Tension Reminder / Scie à ruban – Rappel de tension de la lame

  1. philippe says:

    bonjour bonne journée vous vai de belle chose

  2. zetuskid says:

    How much did you have to pay for that little jig or did it come with the saw? LOL
    As bad as my memory is I would forget why it was there.

  3. NEYRET pierre says:

    Bonne idée Serge !
    De mon côté, j’ai pris l’habitude de lever au maximum le guide de lame….. Comme je dois l’ajuster pour chaque travail, cela me fait penser à tendre la lame…..Tout simple et qui coûte rien !
    Bonne journée

    • Serge says:

      Pierre, en passant l’aspirateur dans mon atelier il m’est arrivé une fois d’accrocher l’interrupteur de la scie à ruban avec le boyau d’aspiration, et ce sans m’en apercevoir. Compte tenu que le guide de la lame était levé, j’ai osé m’imaginer ce qui aurait pu se passer si je m’étais appuyé sur la table de la scie en passant l’aspirateur. Il faut dire que j’avais des coquilles antibruit sur les oreilles !
      Au plaisir…

  4. vit says:

    Hi Serge.
    Great idea, much better than what I am currently using. I simply cut a plastic cup from a coffee bin to the center and put it over the blade each time I release the tension. So, next time when I start I see it as a reminder to tension the blade. I’ve never made a mistake since I am using it. But your idea is certainly better – it requires less steps to do.

    • Serge says:

      On my old Rockwell/Beaver I stick a red fridge magnet on the blade after loosening the tension knob. When in use, I stick it to the from of the upper door.

  5. Colin says:

    Excellente idée! Sur la mienne j’ai connecté l’éclairage au levier de mise en tension. Comme cela impossible d’oublier de détendre la lame en quittant l’atelier!
    Bonne continuation!

  6. Mark Butler says:

    That is a great idea Serge. I’m jealous of your quick release but even though I don’t have one like yours I can still use your tip. I recently upgraded my quick release. I had replaced the small knob that the saw came with, with a larger wheel (I think I got this idea from you) but that still wasn’t ideal.

    The original mechanism was metric so I replaced this with 5/16 threaded rod so I could put a threaded rod connector on the top with a fender washer on the bottom of the connector nut. I switched it to 5/16 because I already had everything I needed in my shop. This allows me to leave a ratcheting wrench on the connector, sitting on the washer. Now I simply use the ratcheting wrench to add the tension and flip it over to release the tension. I can use your tip because when the tension is on, I leave the wrench handle pointing right and when it’s off it is pointing left. Now my wrench handle is positioned just like your quick release handle.

    Cheers Mark

    • Serge says:

      Hi Mark. That was 6 years ago when I upgraded my old Rockwell/Beaver band saw blade tension knob for a large wheel. Back then you added a comment stating you were convinced to upgrade yours as well. Check it out here (link). 🙂
      I still use that old band saw and I still love my wheel. Not as quick, but much more efficient.
      You will agree with me, “Day and Night”.
      PS: It took you a long time though !! 🙂 (just kidding)

  7. Mark Butler says:

    I can’t believe it was 6 years ago. Where does the time go? I was in B-Bee just after your post and they had a metal wheel on sale so that’s what I put on the saw. The problem I had was that it didn’t have enough support since the wheel had to be above the top of the saw. That’s why I removed all the old hardware and now have the ratcheting wrench 6″ lower than the wheel was.

    • Serge says:

      Yes time goes so fast. After a second thought, don’t we fly through time instead, do we ?
      Your solution as good as mine, and it yours !

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