Live Edge Bowl – Gift / Bol au bord naturel

Une bûche de frêne tué par les larves de l’agrile du frêne.

A log from an ash tree killed by the emerald ash borer larva.

Quelques coupes en biseau pour ménager mes gouges.

Few tapered cuts to spare my gouges.

Pour ce bol j’utilise un mandrin à vis.

For this bowl I’m using a worm screw chuck.

Il devrait être beau.

It should be beautiful.

L’extérieur est poncé, huilé et ciré avec de la cire d’abeilles.

The exterior is sanded, oiled and waxed with beeswax.

Je prends un peu d’avance avec ce foret Forstner de 2-1/2″ (64 mm) de diamètre.

I speed up the process with this 2-1/2″ (64 mm) diameter Forstner bit.

J’allais oublier de définir la profondeur avec un foret et mon outil de forage maison pour tour à bois.

I was going to forget to set the depth with a drill bit and my  homemade wood lathe drilling tool.

À cause de la forme de la bûche, le dessus du bol est ovale alors que le fond est rond.

Because of the log shape, the top is oval and the bottom is round.

La récipiendaire apprécie les bords naturels. Alors, l’amitié prime !

The recipient appreciate life edge. So, friendship wins !

Sans parole.


Il serait compliqué de monter le bol sur le tour pour éliminer ce tenon.

It would be awkward to set the bowl on the lathe to get rid of this tenon.

Alors la touche finale est relativement simple.

So the final touch is definitively simple.

J’y ajoute de la valeur (rires) et ensuite j’applique le même fini.

I’m adding value (LoL) to it and then I apply the same finish.

J’ai hâte d’en faire un similaire avec mon nouveau gros tour à bois.

I’m eager to make a similar one with my new big wood lathe.

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Soyez toujours prudent et bon bricolage !

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Always be careful and Happy Woodworking !



7 Responses to Live Edge Bowl – Gift / Bol au bord naturel

  1. Eric R says:

    Nicely done Serge.
    What do you do to keep it from cracking as it dries?


    • Serge says:

      Thank you Eric. I made my best.
      I don’t mind if my bowls crack, but for now I keep the wall thick to prevent it as much as possible. Frankly, I see them as piece of Art featuring Mother Nature’s beautiful work spread over years to grow a now-dead tree.
      Since I don’t sell anything, I can afford letting time doing what he wants with those pieces.


      • Serge says:

        Eric, I forgot to mentioned that at least I soak my bowls with walnut oil and I seal them with beeswax, what I believe may prevent larger damage.


  2. zetuskid says:

    Hey Serge, is this the first bowl made with your new Cadillac wood lathe? Man that’s great & you started out with a real gem. The bowl turned out beautiful with all those Ash rings every where. I like the live edge also. You will have to check these YouTube channels out to learn how to take those tenons off like a breeze
    #-1——ThePapa1947 by Gary Ascher
    #-2——Shady Acres by Phil Anderson

    These two old coddgers are two of my most favorite turners. World of experience and very helpful. Give them a look see. Thanks for listing your bowl. Really looks nice with all those rings too off with natural end.
    Your lathe looks great! Happy Turning
    Claude Callender


    • Serge says:

      Not at all. When I turned the bowl my new lathe had not arrived yet. I made this bowl on my General Intl Midi Lathe.
      Thank you for the links. I’m sure they will be good inspiration and tutorials.
      I particularly like such Ash natural edge because it represents the galeries made by the Emerald Ash Borer’s larva.


  3. Mark Butler says:

    Serge, that’s a beautiful looking bowl. My brain went dead for a minute trying to figure out how you turned an oval but now I see where the oval is in the last pictures. Do you plan on keeping your small lath?
    Cheers Markl


    • Serge says:

      Yes awesome ! I believe the oval shape is an optical illusion.
      I will definitely keep my General Intl Midi Lathe because with it bed extension I can turn up to 48″ with a 10″ swing. If I sell a lathe it will be my Rockwell/Beaver. The swing is 11″ along the bed but 15″ close to the headstock. I can also turn outboard, thanks to the 7/8″ LH thread arbor on which I can mount faceplates. However, I’m not sure because I really sentimentally like this lathe because this my first, the one I learned to turn on. Time will tell !


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