Spray Can Nozzle Extension / Extension de buse de bombe aérosol

J’ai finalement trouvé une solution à un problème ennuyeux, soit la perte fréquente de ces minces extensions de buse de bombe aérosol.

I finally found a solution to an annoying issue, which is frequently loosing those thin spray can nozzle extensions.

Le simple ajout d’une bande de ruban adhésif, tel un drapeau, règle le problème.

Simply adding a piece of tape, as a flat, solves the issue.

J’ai choisi la couleur noir parce que le plancher de mon atelier est gris, donc plus facile à détecter.

I chose black color because the floor of my shop is gray, therefore easier to detect.

Rangées au même endroit que les bombes, elles sont tout autant facile à trouver et ne rouleront pas.

Simple et efficace !

Stored in the same location as my cans, they are as easy to find and won’t roll over.

Simple yet effective !

Prochaine étape, les micro-puces connectées ? 🙂

Next step, connected microchips ? 🙂

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Soyez toujours prudent et bon bricolage !

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Always be careful and Happy Woodworking !


11 Responses to Spray Can Nozzle Extension / Extension de buse de bombe aérosol

  1. Alain says:

    Bonjour Serge,
    Bonne idée (comme toujours).
    Et peut-être mettre un élastique autour de la bombe aérosol pour y glisser la fine buse lors du rangement.


  2. Mark Butler says:

    Great idea Serge. So simple but very effective. Now if you can get your microchip idea working that would be like adding an hour a week to my shop time with the time I would save looking for things!


    • Serge says:

      Hey Mark. It’s been a long time you stopped by to add a comment. I was thinking about that yesterday and was going to inquire.
      I hope you are doing fine, even spending your time, as I do, looking for things around the shop.


      • Mark Butler says:

        Serge, I have been busy the last couple of months dealing with some family issues and was on vacation the last 2 weeks but regardless, I never miss reading your posts. I’m also a member of Router Forums which has some good sharing of woodworking knowledge but unlike your site, I sometimes don’t have time to read everything that is posted there. Actually I have shared your site with some members there who were looking for a solution to a problem I knew you had already solved.


  3. Tom Prentice says:

    Another way is to take a plastic straw (free when you buy a drink at McDonald’s), cut it in half and tape it to the side of the spray can (put a piece of tape at the bottom to prevent the nozzle from falling out). When the can is empty, you can remove the straw and use on another can.


  4. Eric R says:

    As I age and get less smart, you age and keep getting smarter.
    Simple solutions are always the best!
    The best to you my friend.


    • Serge says:

      Eric, probably because I don’t concentrate on the road riding a nice motorcycle ! 🙂
      Best rides to you,


  5. luiessir says:

    ¡Súper simple y muy efectivo!, !gracias por compartir Sergio!.


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