Improvised Band Saw Throat Plate / Plaque lumière de scie à ruban improvisée

Pour couper une série de 24 pièces de quincaillerie ornementale de plastique pour un projet extérieur, l’ouverture de la plaque lumière de ma scie à ruban est trop grande.

To cut a series of 24 plastic ornamental hardware for an outdoor project, the throat plate of my band saw is too big.

Ce carton d’une boîte de céréales fera l’affaire.

This cardboard from a cereal box will do the job.

J’ai alimenté le carton vers la lame et je l’ai assujetti avec l’embase aimantée montrée.

I fed the cardboard towards the blade and secured it with the shown magnetic base.

Pour me guider, j’ai tracé cette ligne, laquelle est alignée avec la ligne de coupe.

To act as a guide, I traced this line, which is aligned with the cut line.

Mon but est d’éliminer ces deux crochets, raison pour laquelle la ligne guide est essentielle.

My goal is to get rid of those two hooks, reason why the guide line is essential.

Sans ce carton je n’aurais pas pu voir où la lame coupe exactement. À retenir.

Without this cardboard I wouldn’t have been able to see where the cut would exactly happen. To remember.

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2 Responses to Improvised Band Saw Throat Plate / Plaque lumière de scie à ruban improvisée

  1. Mark Butler says:

    Serge, are you cutting metal on your bandsaw? I thought the speed of the blade would be too fast. I bought a metal cutting blade for my bandsaw many years ago but never used it because I was told the speed would be to high. Regardless, it’s a great tip when you have to cut anything straight without the fence.
    Cheers Mark


    • Serge says:

      Hi Mark,
      Please get back to my writing to find out this is plastic, not metal, although it a great mimic. I bought those plastic hardware over 30 years ago at a Pascal Hardware Store. I new one day I would use them !!! 🙂
      PS: To cut metal, nothing beats the portable metal band saw I acquired few months ago. Check ou my previous post to see it (if you don’t remember it).


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