Bringing Compressed Air Outdoors / Emmener l’air comprimée à l’extérieur

Il est facile de constater que je ne travaille pas très fort ces temps-ci. J’ai toutefois eu l’occasion de régler un gros embarras.

It’s easy to see that I don’t work very hard these days. However I had the opportunity to eliminate a big hassle.

Mon compresseur étant dans un coin de l’atelier où il n’y a pas de fenêtre, je devais étendre le boyau à air sur le sol jusqu’à la fenêtre qui est à l’opposé de l’atelier. Manipuler ces boyaux n’est pas une mince tâche dans un tel endroit bien chargé. Alors j’ai sorti mon plus vieux boyau, celui le plus pesant et rigide, montré par la flèche.

My compressor sitting in a corner of the shop where there is no window, I had to run the hose towards the opposite end to reach the window. Dealing with those hoses is not an easy task in such crowded area. So, I brought out my oldest hose, the heaviest and more rigid one shown by the arrow.

Pour y installer le boyau en permanence, j’ai enfoncé 9 crochets à visser aux solives du plafond et utilisé les supports existants (cercles), et ce jusqu’à la fenêtre.

To permanently install the hose, I drove 9 lag hooks into the ceiling joists and used available supports (circles), down to the window.

Près de la fenêtre, j’ai inversé deux crochets (cercle) pour bloquer le boyau. Au besoin je n’aurai alors qu’à sortir l’excédent du boyau (environ 10 pieds – 3 mètres).

Near the window, I inverted two hooks (circle) to lock down the hose. When needed I will only have to feed the remaining hose out (about 10 feet – 3 meters).

Une fois dehors, je vais utilisé celui-ci, beaucoup plus léger et maniable.

Once outdoors, I will use this one, much lighter and manageable.

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4 Responses to Bringing Compressed Air Outdoors / Emmener l’air comprimée à l’extérieur

  1. Barry Straughan says:

    You are one busy guy posting so late.
    Would you or maybe someone you’re connected to know where to post a question to help find a part for an older B&D router. The collet on my 7620 B&D router will not hold the bits properly any longer. I’ve been able to find the part # 88190-00 and understand that DeWalt has begun looking after some of the B&D parts but I haven’t found a contact info.
    Thanks for ll your great posts. I really do look forward to your information because so often they have some truly inspired ideas.
    Thanks again for all your posts.

    • Serge says:

      Hello Barry,
      I’m not busy guy and I get to bet around 9PM. Since most of readers are from France, I schedule all of my posts for 2AM (here) so they get’ll them by 8AM (their time).
      I still have my 7610 B&D router and it still doing its job. By the way, Stanley Black & Decker owns Dewalt since couple of years.
      I looked at my collet and I have few suggestions to try to revive your collet. First thoroughly clean your collet and the chuck with naphta or denatured alcohol. They are very dry solutions, meaning without oil. Grind or file the bottom of the collet to shorten it will get a bit lower in the tapered chuck, but not too much though, or a bit at a time. Make sure the slot in the collet is free so it could bend on itself.
      I hope some or all those suggestions will work. Please, keep me posted, what would be good for my reputation! LOL