A Clamp Pad Issue / Un problème de serre-joints

Le temps est précieux lorsque vient le temps du collage car la colle de menuisier fige vite. Si un embout de caoutchouc tombe, tel que montré, alors plusieurs secondes sont perdues à le replacer, et davantage si je dois le chercher sur le plancher.

When comes time for glue-up time is precious because carpenter’s glue sets quickly. If a rubber pad fall down, as shown, several seconds are lost to set it back, and more if I must look for it on the floor.

Pour prévenir cette situation, j’enroule du ruban athlétique en tissu (pensez ruban de hockey) autour de l’extrémité du serre-joint. Ce ruban est antidérapant.

To prevent such situation, I wrap fabric athletic tape (think hockey tape) around the tip of the clamp. This tape is antiskid.

Lorsque l’embout est remis en place par-dessus le ruban, il y est pour rester, même sous-pression.

When the pad is set back in place over the tape, it is there to stay, even under stress.

En passant, j’ai remarqué que ce ruban se conserve mieux dans un sac de plastique hermétique (ne sèche pas).

By the way, I noticed that this tape lasts longer when stored in a sealed plastic bag (won’t dry out).

Ce ruban m’a souvent sorti de situations fâcheuses.

This tape often helped me in bad situations.

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9 Responses to A Clamp Pad Issue / Un problème de serre-joints

  1. vit says:

    thanks for adding one more tip to your collection, however I simply glue clamp pads by “liquid nails”. It works for many clamp pads, at least it works for reasonably long time. BTW, not only “this tape lasts longer” in zip bag, but any sticky tape does. So it’s a good practice to keep rarely used tapes in sealed zip bags.
    Cheers, Vitaly.


    • Serge says:

      Vit, Using liquid nails is a pretty good idea too. Thanks for sharing !
      I agree, a zip bag is ideal to store all tapes, duct tape included. And biscuits too.


  2. lebruant says:

    Très pertinent , merci !


  3. David says:

    tu peut aussi coller le tampon caoutchouc avec de la colle au néoprène. (A faire à l’avance et mettre le serre joint en pression le temps de prise)


  4. Barry Straughan says:

    Hi Serge, Your emails are always well received. I actually look forward to them because so many of them are great ideas that I can use. I’ll bet that most of the people who are lucky enough to get them feel the same. So thank you


  5. Mike says:

    kind of related – the pads on my quick grip clamps always came off like that. I went so far as to crazy glue them on, but a year later they fell off again. The next thing I tried was just to put them on upside down. Years later, they are still in place. There’s no way they can come off now as the clamps bar is in the way.


    • Serge says:

      Yes Mike, kind of related. I also put upside down my Quick Grip pads and I tried the same thing on the post shown clamps, however because of their design it could be done.
      Thank you for sharing your tip.


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