Bucket Tower – Storage / Tour de seaux – Rangement

Les gros seaux sont toujours utiles dans mon atelier et autour de la maison. Toutefois le rangement en hauteur peut occasionner un problème, soit qu’avec le temps et la gravité ils s’entassent et deviennent difficiles à dégager ou déloger l’un de l’autre.

Big buckets are always handy in my shop and around the house. However height storage may raise an issue, with time and gravity they bottom out and become difficult to pull out or dislodge from one another.

Ma solution, déposer au fond de chacun quelque chose juste assez haut pour les empêcher d’enfoncer à fond.

My solution, drop in each one something just high enough to prevent them from bottom out.

Pour mes seaux, des contenants en plastique de produit laitier font le travail. Ce pourrait être une brique, un bloc de bois, une balle, etc.

For my buckets, dairy product plastic containers does the job. It could be a brick, a block of wood, a ball, etc.

Avez-vous déjà rencontré cette difficulté ?

Did you ever encounter this issue ?

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4 Responses to Bucket Tower – Storage / Tour de seaux – Rangement

  1. kbwoodworker says:

    Great idea! I also keep those dairy containers for paint/finish cutting pots, but they are somewhat unweildy. So, I can store them together and save some space that way.

  2. Eric R says:

    Great idea Serge.
    I have two buckets outside that are so stuck, that I consider it a work-out each time I try to separate them…haha
    You always come up with excellent, and intelligent answers to some of the most common problems we face.
    Thank you brother.

  3. thoswillis says:

    This is a really good tip. I recently destroyed a Home Depot bucket to separate two.
    This cleaver trick will preclude that happening again.