Counterbore an Existing Hole / Lamage d’un trou existant

Voici comment je procède au lamage de cette poignée pour y insérer un écrou à griffes. Le foret Forstner correspond au calibre de mon écrou à griffes.

This is how I counterbore this handle to insert a T-nut. The Forstner bit corresponds to the size of my T-nut.


Je fixe temporairement cette mince languette sur la poignée avec du ruban adhésif double face.

I temporarily secure this thin strip to the handle using double-sided tape.


J’utilise un poinçon à centrer pour faire une fossette au centre du trou.

I’m using a center punch to make a dimple in the center of the hole.


À la perceuse à colonne il est facile de sentir la fossette pour savoir où percer.

At the drill press it is easy to feel the dimple to find where to drill.


Je renverse les pièces et j’ai accès à un trou centré bien proportionné.

I flip the pieces over and I have access to a properly sized center hole.


Voici le lamage requis.

Here is the required counterbore.


Une autre méthode consiste à percer directement une mince languette et la fixer temporairement avec du ruban adhésif double faces pour faire un ou plusieurs lamages.

Another method consists of directly drilling through a thin strip and temporarily secure it with double-sided tape to make one or several counterbores.


Le produit final:

The final product:

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9 Responses to Counterbore an Existing Hole / Lamage d’un trou existant

  1. diggerjack says:

    Salut Serge

    Belle démonstration
    Pas besoin de faire de calculs savants ni de tâtonner…. l’astuce est sûre et fiable
    Au plaisir

    • Serge says:

      Salut Jack,
      Bonne réflexion mon cher cousin. Il y a toujours moyen de moyenner, il s’agit simplement de s’y arrêter.
      Au plaisir…

  2. Jamie says:

    Why didn’t I think of that? Genius. Great tip.

  3. Eric Kelley says:

    Why didn’t you just drill the countetbore first, which would have given you a perfect centerpoint from the tip of your forstner bit to drill the through hole for the bolt?? That would have saved all that wasted time trying to line up your countetbore after you had already drilled the bolt hole!! Your method is strictly a cya move to cover a beginner’s mistake, so your boss won’t question whether or not you are worth the paycheck he gives you every week.

    • Serge says:

      Didn’t you used too many words to only say I’m dumb ?
      How about showing a someone (think beginner) a technique to counterbore an “existing” hole ?
      Perhaps it’s time for me to put an end wasting my time working on this useless blog !

      • Eric Kelley says:

        My apologies, I in no way meant to imply that you were dumb. Just not thinking about it from a novices point of view I guess.

        • Serge says:

          No problem Eric. I felt so sad after reading your comment. I’m a hobbyist woodworker that just want to share it’s own experience having in mind that not everyone on the planet has access to free information, in two languages, whether on the internet, country, books or magazines, or has 45 years woodworking experience.
          Have a nice day.

  4. Renaud Gagne says:

    Diane &. Renaud 😜