Filling Wasted Shop Space / Utiliser l’espace d’atelier perdu

Il y a quelques années j’ai réalisé cet ensemble de caisson et tiroir de Mélamine pour utiliser l’espace sous ma dégauchisseuse.

Few years ago I built that Melamine casing and drawer assembly to utilise the space under the my jointer.

Compte tenu que je veux réaliser un support plus pratique pour cet outil, il m’aura fallu du temps mais j’ai eu l’idée de déplacer le caisson et le tiroir afin de remplir un espace perdu à cause de la plinthe électrique sous la station de scies à onglets.

Since I want to build a more practical stand for this tool, it took me a while but I came up with the idea of filling the baseboard heater wasted space under my shop saw station.

Pour supporter le caisson 4, j’ai ajouté les deux pieds frontaux 1 sous la tablette 3 et nivelé l’arrière avec la planche 2 vissée au mur arrière. Vous avez sans doute remarqué que cette tablette est un peu plus étroite que le caisson, mais c’est ce que j’avais sous la main.

To support the casing 4, I added the two front legs 1 under the shelf 3 and leveled the back with board 2 screwed to the back wall. No doubt you noticed the shelf being a bit narrower than the casing, but this is what I had on hand.

Près du plancher, les parties non finies aux extrémités du tiroir étaient moins apparentes !

Peut-être vais-je peindre ces extrémités plus tard.

Close to the floor, the unfinished drawer ends where almost unnoticeable !

Perhaps I will paint those ends later.

N’est-ce pas merveilleux pour un tiroir qui était presque inutile dans son coin.

Isn’t that great for a drawer that was almost useless in its spot.

Le chien semble approuver !

The dog seems to agree !

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Soyez toujours prudent et bon bricolage !

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Always be careful and Happy Woodworking !


8 Responses to Filling Wasted Shop Space / Utiliser l’espace d’atelier perdu

  1. skiroy56 says:

    Seeing your dog surprised me as ours looks so much the same.

  2. bill says:

    Why hasen’t this great website gone video ????

    • Serge says:

      Because I’m too lazy to learn about making, cutting/pasting and fine tuning videos. I rather spend my time in my workshop. Besides that, I rather spending my money on tools and wood rather than on video cameras and specialty lights. Not to mentioned that for me it’s simpler to write in both languages. You don’t want to listen to my English speaking. Finally, anyone on earth can copy a text of mine and have it translated for free on line, what can’t be done with a video. However, I understand that many readers find it more convenient to listen to a video instead of taking the time to read, observe and to understand.


    Keep up the good work Serge, a great many of us older woodworkers still prefer the well composed pictures and well written comment that you provide. I enjoy your every day woodworker wisdom and solutions to problems.

    • Serge says:

      Thank you Dennis, you made my day. As I do, you must be the kind of guy that observes each photo to whether understand or learn something.

      • DENNIS VERTREES says:

        Serge you have a few days on me, I am only 54 but I am beginning to know how things are as you advance in age. I have spent my working life in lumber yards and construction almost 34 years. I am now back working in a small builders supply type lumber yard and spend a lot of my time teaching the trade to younger fellows. To them I am an old man, but I do my best to keep up with them. I use computers every day and learn more every day but I must admit if I really want to learn I look to a book or written text which I can process with my own mind and figure things out. Keep up the good work and good health – Dennis

        • Serge says:

          Dennis, younger fellows could or may see you as their “wisdom co-worker”. In fact, you definitely are their mentor.
          Buy the way, I’m 69 (11 more years to do some woodworking and sharing).