Pin Nail Id Reminder / Rappel du calibre de clous

Après plusieurs jours sans l’utiliser, lorsque je reprends ma cloueuse pneumatique je ne me souviens pas si j’ai laissé des clous dans le magasin, et si oui, quelle longueur j’avais utilisée.

After several days without using it, when I pick up my new pin nailer I can’t remember if I left nails in the carrier, and if so, which size I’ve used.

1 Pin Nail id Reminder


Me basant sur mon expérience avec mon ancienne cloueuse (rouge), laquelle présentait un indexeur coulissant selon la longueur des clous, j’ai pris l’habitude de coller un ruban sur mon nouvel outil sur lequel j’indique la longueur des clous présents ou laissés dans l’outil.

Based on my experience with my old pin nailer (red), which features a slotted setting for the nail length, now I stick a piece of masking tape on my new pin nailer with the id of the last nails I left in it.

2 Pin Nail id Reminder

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10 Responses to Pin Nail Id Reminder / Rappel du calibre de clous

  1. diggerjack says:

    Salut Serge

    Simple mais efficace

    Au plaisir

  2. Loren Haas says:

    I open the magazine and look.!

    • Serge says:

      Brilliant ! Perhaps you can spontaneously identify the length only by seeing the nail strip in the nailer. I can’t !


  3. lomatski says:

    Hi, aside from my other nailers, I have 3 finishing nailers – 16, 18 and 23 gauge. My problem is keeping the nails separate. The 23 gauge are so small it is not a problem. However, the 16 and 18 gauge present a problem when I am in a hurry cleaning up. As it happens my 16 gauge nailer is green. Therefore I put green electrical tape on all my boxes with 16 gauge nails. I guess I’m going to have to add the sizes using a Sharpie as the eyesight starts playing tricks!

    • Serge says:

      Hi Lomatski,
      Using colored electrical tape is a great idea. Reading your comment brought up the idea of using a same colored Sharpie to also identify each strip that comes out of the box.
      Thanks for sharing this clever idea.

      • lomatski says:

        HI Serge, for consistency in using those coloured Sharpies, remembering Junior High science I follow ROY G BIV (spectrum red orange yellow green blue indigo violet). I also use this system to put a small tag on my short extensions – 1 metre/red, 2 metre/orange, etc.

  4. Eric R says:

    I do the same thing.