Glue Bottle Storage Tray / Plateau de rangement pour pots de colle

Après avoir lu les récents commentaires de lecteurs, j’en suis venu à mon propre concept de rangement et support de pots de colle.

After reading recent comments from readers, I came up with my own design for a glue bottle storage tray and holder.

Après avoir coupé une chute pour la base, je poinçonne le fond de boîtes de conserve pour les visser sur cette base.

After cutting a scrap for the base, I punch the bottom of tin cans to screw them onto this base.

Un embout très long est idéal pour atteindre le fond !

A long driver bit is ideal to easily reach the bottom !

Neuf pour accueillir mes pots de colle.

Nine to nest my glue bottles.

Il me manque un pot de colle de polyuréthane et un de colle de poisson. Oups, j’en ai oublié un autre pour la colle blanche !

I’m missing a polyurethane glue bottle and one for fish glue. Oops, I forgot another for white glue !

Pour les pots oblongs, j’ai dû mouler les boîtes en conséquence.

For the oblong bottles, I had to mold the cans accordingly.

Le plateau précédent est dédié au rangement. Celui-ci sera utilisé lors de chaque projet pour y déposer un pot de colle.

The previous tray is dedicated to storage. This one will be use for each project to drop the glue bottle in.

Maintenant, pourquoi un goujon (tourillon) ?

Now, why a dowel ?

J’ai percé la base et collé un goujon pour accueillir un bouchon propre, lequel remplace le précédent, et ce après chaque utilisation. Un bouchon propre (pensez trempage dans l’eau toute une nuit) est plus agréable et facile à manipuler.

En passant, le bouchon est assez serré sur le goujon afin qu’il reste bien en place.

I drilled the base and glued a dowel to accept a clean cap, which replace the previous one, and that after each use. A clean cap (think soaking in water overnight) is more enjoyable and easy to manipulate.

By the way, the cap is tight fit on the dowel so it will stay put.

Un support stable pour pots de colle, ronds et oblongs.

A stable holder for glue bottles, round and oblong.

J’oubliais, un serre-joint facilite le moulage de la boîte de métal.

I was forgetting, a clamp helps forming the can easily.

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8 Responses to Glue Bottle Storage Tray / Plateau de rangement pour pots de colle

  1. Mark Butler says:

    Serge, a lot of good tips in this post. Very simple solutions to a couple of annoying problems. Now I have to start saving cans and use up an old glue bottle so I can save the cap!


    • Serge says:

      Mark, I’m quite surprised you don’t already have several cans on hand ! Take a look at this previous post (one among many other projects for which I used tin cans).


      • Mark Butler says:

        Serge, I do have several cans on hand but they are too tall for a glue bottle and I forgot about your can storage project. I gave up using cans to store things because I’m not as organized as you with labels to know what’s in them. I now only save clear plastic containers for storage so I can see what’s in them. Otherwise I would never find anything. Maybe one day when I get older I’ll be as organized as you :).


        • Serge says:

          Mark, when something is too deep I fill the bottom with foam, hard (insulation) or soft (cushions). As labels I use cardboard wrapped with rubber bands. Not too fancy, but it works.


          • Mark Butler says:

            You have a solution for all my shop problems 🙂

          • Serge says:

            Mark, if you have problems with your marriage, just ask. I may have a solution for that too !!! 🙂

            I hope your backyard project is going along well my friend. Do you have or take enough sleep ? 😉


  2. Doug Berg says:

    Touché, my friend

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