Soft Pliers Jaws / Mâchoires de pinces tendres

Sachant que je ne pratique pas beaucoup la guitare parce que le bout de mes doigts me font souffrir, dimanche dernier, voulant me faire une blague, mon jeune frère m’a donné ces protège-doigts (1$ Can).

Knowing that I don’t practice guitar playing often because my finger tips are killing me, last Sunday my youngest brother, kidding me, gave me those finger tip protectors ($1 Can).

Il aurait dû se douter que je pouvais aller plus loin avec ces items en les utilisant comme coussins pour adoucir les mâchoires de pinces lorsque nécessaire (en occurrence le chrome de plomberie).

He should have anticipate the I can go further with those items by using them as cushions to soften the jaws of pliers when needed (think plumbing chrome for instance).

En y regardant de plus près, j’ai constaté qu’ils sont 100% silicone et vendus pour manipuler les colles chaudes, une autre utilisation judicieuse.

Taking a closer look, I noticed they are 100% silicone and sold to manipulate hot glues, another judicious use.

Et compte tenu que j’ai maintenant une armoire pour mes pinces, ils y ont aussi leur place !

And since I now have a cabinet for my pliers, they also have their home !

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7 Responses to Soft Pliers Jaws / Mâchoires de pinces tendres

  1. Mark Butler says:

    Serge, there have been so many times I have had to find an old piece of inner tube or other piece of soft material to cover the jaws of pliers. I even thought once about covering my channel locks with some of the heat shrink tubing but that would mean I would need to buy another pair. Your idea is much better and much cheaper. Thanks for a great tip.

    ps So does this mean you will be able to play the guitar more often:).



    • Serge says:

      Mark, Once I saw someone using shorts of garden hose to slip onto the pliers jaws.

      Playing more often ? Not with those protectors ! But I’m waiting for guitar practice gloves I ordered from Amazon. We’ll see !



  2. Jamie says:

    Congrats Serge on getting your venner box construction picked up by Lee Valley. I hope they gave you a real cool plane for that.


  3. Roger says:

    You bring a whole new meaning to giving the finger… LOL… Gr8 thinking, as always Serge. You da man.


  4. Eric R says:

    I like these better then wrapping a piece of rag around the pliers like I usually do.
    Thanks Serge


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