Shop Plastic Cup Dispenser / Distributeur de gobelets de plastique d’atelier

À être fixé au mur avec deux vis (avant de le remplir !).

To be attached the wall with two screws (before filling !).

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9 Responses to Shop Plastic Cup Dispenser / Distributeur de gobelets de plastique d’atelier

  1. bob817 says:

    Serge, I’m amazed by the ideas you come up with!!! Thank You !! 🙂


  2. Mark Butler says:

    Serge, a very good idea. You got me thinking I need to do something similar to store my collection of plastic cottage cheese tubs and lids that are scattered around my shop. You also reminded me that I need to make your circle cutting measurement jig. Like you said before, a workshop is never finished :).



    • Serge says:

      Mark, for your plastic tubs the same principle can apply, but it would be rectangular and made out of wood (or perhaps bended Plexiglas). Does it make sense ?
      Reproducing the circle cutting measurement jig is a good idea too. You certainly blame yourself for having made it.



  3. roger says:

    Very good idea Serge


  4. Henri Monnier says:

    Great idea…. I’d suggest putting them in upside down, that way, no dust at all in them….


    • Serge says:

      Thank you Henri. I thought about putting them outside down too, but with my arthritis fingers it would be difficult to grab one to pull out. This way it’s easy to take one and I just blow the dust out of it !



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