Moving Benchtop Power Tools / Déplacer des outils d’établi électriques

Me voici à la scie à ruban à couper des bouchons de liège synthétique.

Here I am at the band saw cutting synthetic wine corks.

Moving Benchtop Power Tools / Déplacer des outils d'établi électriques

Ainsi j’ai des pieds antidérapants pour fixer sous mes outils d’établi.

Doing so I have anti skid feet to affix under my benchtop tools.

Moving Benchtop Power Tools / Déplacer des outils d'établi électriques

J’ai également installé une série de pieds sous l’outil pour compenser l’épaisseur la tête des boulons qui sécurisent le moteur.

I’ve also installed a series of foot under the tool to compensate for the head of the bolts that secure the motor.

Moving Benchtop Power Tools / Déplacer des outils d'établi électriques

Mon but était de rapprocher ces deux outils, lesquels que je sers plus souvent.

My goal was to get those two tools closer, which I use more often.

Moving Benchtop Power Tools / Déplacer des outils d'établi électriques

À l’endroit où ils étaient situés antérieurement, dans un coin, j’ai installé ma brosse d’acier rotative et mon touret d’établi sur le plateau tournant.

Where they were previously located, in the corner, I’ve installed my wire wheel and my benchtop grinder on the Lazy Susan.

Moving Benchtop Power Tools / Déplacer des outils d'établi électriques

Moving Benchtop Power Tools / Déplacer des outils d'établi électriques

Lorsque j’utilise un de ces deux outils, je le bloque le plateau tournant en insérant deux coins entre les planches tournantes, tel que montré.

When I use one of those two tools, I lock the Lazy Susan by pushing two wedges between the spinning boards, as shown.

La morale : Un atelier n’est jamais finalisé pour toujours !

The moral : A workshop is never done forever !

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14 Responses to Moving Benchtop Power Tools / Déplacer des outils d’établi électriques

  1. Mark Butler says:

    Serge, you are right. My workshop will never get finished but I dream of the day it will at least get to where I want it. I have been thinking about how to deal with all my bench top power tools and I like your lazy susan idea. It’s a good space saver and very convenient. Thanks for your ideas and another good reason to save those corks.


    • Serge says:

      Mark, you could have solved your benchtop tools issue in 2011 by reading this post I added back then. Perhaps you were to young in those days ! But it’s never to late to ‘growing yp’. 🙂


      • Mark Butler says:

        In 2011 I knew you though all your tips in the many woodworking magazines I used to subscribe to but I didn’t know you had a blog until about 2012. By the way, your magazine tips were always the best and when you didn’t win the best tip award I thought that the editors were not real woodworkers!

        I’m now down to 3 magazine subscriptions because you give the best advice for free. Thanks for all the effort and time you put into sharing your knowledge and experience with other woodworkers.


        • Serge says:

          Thank you Mark,

          You’re right, you better read all my posts instead of buying magazines !!! 🙂
          I stopped sending tips when an editor told me that they would be stretching printing my tips since they got emails from readers stating that they don’t get a chance to see their own tips since in most magazines they were seeing the same names all the time.

          As you did, I’m down to two magazine subscriptions. I find that today’s tips are, let’s say quite basic.


  2. I really like the Lazy Janice idea. How do you hold the bench top tool from rotating when in use? It seems like pressure on the wheel while grinding would turn the wheel away from you.

    P.S., The second wife, Susan, made me start calling a Lazy Susan by the first wife’s name. Women, can’t live with em, can’t live with em.

    • Serge says:

      Hi Larry,

      Well, it was so obvious to me that I forgot to mention. The secret is in wedges. Take a look at this post, particularly the close-up last photo, to find out that I simply insert one or two wedges between the two “Lazy Janice alias Susan” boards. I’m been using them for years. It’s that simple as that ! One can also drill two apposite holes and insert a pin to lock the tool down.

      Thanks for asking !

  3. Serge, I did not have synthetic corks so I asked my neighbor for hers. Now I have a gallon zip-lock full of them from as far away as Korea. Had to shut it down. But, yes they make good feet on many projects.

  4. Ron says:

    Hi Serge
    I like your belt grinders. How did you come up with the adjustable arms and wheels to hold the belts in place. Thanks Ron

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