Trouble Free Cutting / Couper sans tracas

J’ai acheté récemment cet ensemble de mèches hélicoïdales courtes à 80% de rabais. Un très bon achat pour des outils si pratiques !

I recently bought this stubby auger bit set at 80% off. A very good deal for such handy tools !

Trouble Free Cutting / Couper sans tracas

Couper cet emballage de plastique a toujours été pour moi un défit, mais plus maintenant avec ma nouvelle cisaille à main !

Cutting this plastic wrapping has always been a challenge for me, but not anymore with my new hand shear !

Trouble Free Cutting / Couper sans tracas

Bien placé et un coup de levier ! La bataille est finie.

Jusqu’à ce que je fabrique un support approprié (encore un autre projet en tête), je vais les garder la partie restante de l’emballage.

Set properly and one lever strike ! The battle is over.

Until I make an appropriate holder (yet another project in mind), I will keep them in the remaining wrapping.

Trouble Free Cutting / Couper sans tracas

Surdimensionné, mais super efficace !

Overkilled, but super effective !

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15 Responses to Trouble Free Cutting / Couper sans tracas

  1. Spence Bloom says:

    I sometimes use the band saw to cut that plastic packaging.

  2. Rebou Chage says:

    This form of packaging is world-wide, here in France it’s just the same as anywhere else on earth. I too have found that breaking into such packaging is not only difficult but also fraught with danger—cut and damaged fingers. I don’t have a shear like you have, and what great use for it, I need to use the old-fashinied type of shear—scissors.
    On difficult packaging, like these, I always seem to give it the granny test/little old lady test, and frankly these are off the scale of difficulty for granny/old lady. I feel a little bit guilty of using my difficulty scale as I was 75 years old on Tuesday.
    Have a great day, and I hope your weather is as good as it is here.

  3. Mark Butler says:

    Serge, I don’t think it’s overkill. I was reading that thousands of people end up in the emergency after cutting themselves opening these packages. Christmas day is the busiest.

    By the way, I used your magnet tip yesterday, although in a different way. I was installing an internet booster up on the peak of my workshop and needed to carry a drill, screwdriver and a handful of screws and washers. I brought extra because I always end up dropping some when I’m working on the ladder. You gave me the idea of putting all the screws and washers on a magnet in my pocket. It made it much easier the handle them and I didn’t lose one of them. If this booster works I’ll be able to read your posts in my shop 🙂

    • Serge says:

      You’re right, Mark, if it prevents from getting cut or hurt, it’s not overkill.

      I’m glad you tried the magnet tip. From now on, I’m sure you won’t forget to use it again. I too used to loose hardware up in a ladder ! I also use the rubber band trick on cordless drills.


  4. Really like this one. Saves the battle with shears, knives and cut fingers.

  5. Kahuna Anderson says:

    Serge, I find this type packaging can serve as a handy holder for items so wrapped. I just carefully cut the top of the “blister,” in which the are secured, to form a flap over the parts. Then I simply hang the package on a wall. When I have use for one of those parts, I lift the flap and remove it. Very’handy!

  6. Santiago says:

    Buen día: tiene usted el enlace donde lo compró? Gracias!

  7. diggerjack says:

    Salut Serge

    Il ne faut hésiter à utiliser les grands moyens lorsque cela est nécessaire

    Moi même parfois j’utilise ma tronçonneuse ( non je plaisante !!)
    L’important est de le faire en toute sécurité après peu importe le moyen

    Au plaisir

    • Serge says:

      Salut Jack,

      L’important est la route, non la destination ! J’ai bien aimé l’astuce de la scie à ruban mentionné par un lecteur ce matin.

      Au plaisir…