Menu Banners / Bannières pour menu

Voici un autre projet que j’ai suggéré aux gens du restaurant en face de chez moi afin de faciliter leur travail. Les lettres de la bannière étaient écrites sur le tableau noir, prenant ainsi la rare place pour la description du menu. Alors j’ai suggéré ces bannières à fixer sur le cadre.

Here’s another project I suggested to the people at the restaurant across the street to sweeten their job. The letters of the banner were written on the blackboard taking rare space for the menu description. So, I suggested those banners to be attached to the frame.

Voici une installation typique pour graver des lettres pour une telle bannière avec une toupie (défonceuse) et un gabarit du commerce.

Here is a typical installation to carve letters for such banner using a router and a store bought jig.

Menu Banners / Bannières pour menu

La gravure terminée, j’ai appliqué des minces couches de peinture en aérosol.

The carving completed, I’ve applied few thin coats of spray paint.

Menu Banners / Bannières pour menu

Voici le résultat final après deux minces coupes à la raboteuse. Ensuite j’ai appliqué deux couches de polyuréthane.

Here is the result after two light cuts at the thickness planer. Then I’ve applied two coats of polyurethane.

Menu Banners / Bannières pour menu

Sur le site – Le contraste des couleurs est inversé et les employés ont maintenant plus d’espace pour écrire le menu du jour sur le tableau noir.

On the site – The color contrast is reversed and now the staff have more room on the blackboard to write the daily menu.

Menu Banners / Bannières pour menu

Bricoler tout en aidant est plaisant et réconfortant !

Woodworking while helping is fun and comforting !

Inscrivez-vous gratuitement en haut à droite et…

Bon bricolage !

Register for free at the upper right and…

Happy Woodworking !



18 Responses to Menu Banners / Bannières pour menu

  1. Boudreau May says:

    What a lucky Restaurant ! What a guy will do for a free cup of coffee…..

    • May, I’m the one who’s lucky having such a good restaurant so close to my home where I can meet with good and nice people. Besides that, I’m an enthusiastic woodworker who seeks for new projects to design, build and give. I don’t sell anything, but when I get a free lunch, as I did for those banners, I’m the happiest woodworker on earth ! My first goal was providing them banners to get more room on their blackboards to write their menu on.


  2. May you also get a chance to help in depleting their menu. thanks for sharing Serge. Well done as usual.

    • Hi Don, As long as I have a chance to spend time in my workshop, I’m a happy man. Since I don’t sell anything, giving is the only alternative besides building jigs to fill my small workshop, which is getting smaller and smaller…

      By sharing such simple projects I’m pleased to think that it might encourage someone out there to try something new and have fun spending time in the shop creating an object and perhaps feed his enthusiast.


  3. antonin klusak says:

    un autre excellent projet, je trouve votre adresse e-mail ici, alors laissez-moi poser cette question.Je veux accrocher des outils sur le mur, la taille devrait rails pour françaises zaklínit.Mám force de contre-plaqué de 16 mm, ce qui devrait être la largeur.Je traduis dans Google Translator, donc je ne sais pas si ce sera correctement traduit.

  4. Brian Harding says:

    Bonjour Serge,

    You are not only creative, but you are very kind and thoughtful. I’m sure the owner of the restaurant is very pleased with his new signs. Also the chefs selections on the board look very appetizing. I’m sure it is handy having a nice restaurant that serves good food so close to home.
    Have a nice day Serge, and keep up the great ideas. We all love your creativity out here in workshop land.


    Kitchener, Ontario, (Home of the world’s 2nd largest Octoberfest after Munich)

    • Hi Brian,

      Being kind and thoughtful doesn’t cost anything, and smiles, handshakes, as well as hugs are always nice rewards (oops, free lunch too !). As I already mentioned, we consider ourselves as new friends.

      Cheers !

  5. diggerjack says:

    Salut Serge

    Tu vas finir par devoir installer ton atelier dans le restaurant !!!!

    Belle idée en effet
    Il ne te reste plus qu’a leur faire la même chose pour chacun de leur plat proposé au menu !!!

    Au plaisir

    • Salut Jack,

      C’est une bonne façon que j’ai trouvée de me motive à passer du temps dans l’atelier. Pourtant, si tu savais le nombre de projets que j’ai en tête !

      Au plaisir…

      • diggerjack says:

        Tu dois en avoir plusieurs centaines voir des milliers !!

        Les projets nous aident à avancer …

        Au plaisir du projet suivant

  6. Mark Butler says:

    Serge, another thoughtful and practical gift for your friends. I’m sure they are thinking that it was wise to set up their new restaurant close to your home and it sounds like you are happy that they did. They are getting free capital improvements, and you are getting free lunches, hugs and a good reason to be in your shop. Life is good!

    By the way, I wouldn’t have thought to use the planer. I would have spent hours sanding and a lot of sandpaper. So I benefited from your good deed too :).


  7. Jim petersen says:

    Looks good! What time?! 😉

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