Clean-up Brake / Pause de nettoyage

En 2011 j’ai réalisé cette station d’affutage compacte. Dans le présent article, je veux partager les améliorations que j’y ai apportées.

In 2011 I made this compact sharpening station. In this post I’d like to share the improvements I added.

Clean-up Brake / Pause de nettoyage

Après quelques découpages de contenants de yogourt et d’assouplisseur de tissu, j’ai réalisé des capteurs de particules provenant de mes meules & roues de polissage et des bandes abrasives. Au lieu d’être projetées tout au tour, la plupart des particules y sont ainsi collectées.

Certains contenants de plastique sont uniquement enroulés autour des sorties d’évacuation des outils (meuleuses) alors que d’autres (roues de feutre) sont vissés sur la base de bois.

After few ‘découpages’ from yogurt and fabric softener containers, I ended up with dust and particle catchers for my grinding & buffing wheels and sanding belts. Instead of being thrown everywhere, most of the particles are collected in them.

Some plastic containers are only wrapped around the tool exit ports (grinders) and others are screwed down to the wooden base (felt wheels).

Clean-up Brake / Pause de nettoyage

Clean-up Brake / Pause de nettoyage

Clean-up Brake / Pause de nettoyage

Clean-up Brake / Pause de nettoyage

Parce que les bandes abrasives doivent être changées fréquemment, les écopes bleues d’assouplisseur de tissu y sont tout simplement déposées.

Because the sanding belts must be changed frequently, the blue fabric softener scoops are dropped loose.

Clean-up Brake / Pause de nettoyage

Clean-up Brake / Pause de nettoyage

Des pauses de nettoyage en vue !

Clean-up breaks in sight!

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8 Responses to Clean-up Brake / Pause de nettoyage

  1. Mark Butler says:

    Some good ideas Serge. Less time cleaning up and more time making stuff.


    • Yes, since we are stuffologist, aren’t we ?

      You may like to watch this Story of Stuff too.


      • Mark Butler says:

        A great video and so true. This is why I hate shopping, except for tools :).

        The good thing about hand tools is that they rarely get thrown out in the garbage. If I do have a redundant tool I will no longer use, I can always find someone to give it to who can use it. This is why woodworkers are good people :).


        • Woodworkers are definitely good people ! Both hand tool and power tool users.


        • Eric R says:

          Totally agree with every word you said Mark.
          If I can’t use a tool, I find someone who will so it doesn’t get thrown out.
          And reusing containers for other purposes like Serge does is not only responsible and environmentally friendly, but saves money.

  2. Eric R says:

    Another example of why it is smart to be a follower of this site !
    Those “catch cups” are a great way to keep things clean.
    I will start eating more Yogurt today !

    Thanks Serge !