Polishing Brass Screws / Polir des vis en laiton

Je voulais polir des vis de laiton pour mon article de demain, tâche que j’ai facilement réalisée avec une technique toute simple qui m’est venue à l’esprit.

I wanted to polish brass screws for my post of tomorrow, task that was easily done using this simple technique à came up with.

La vis tournant à vive allure dans le mandrin d’une perceuse, j’ai polis la tête en la passant sur une roue à polir en feutre enduite de pâte à polir, laquelle était également en rotation.

The screw spinning at high speed in a drill chuck, I buffed the head rubbing it on a felt buffing wheel coated with buffing compound, which was also in rotation.

Polishing Brass Screws / Polir des vis en laiton

De retour à l’établi, j’ai cette fois-ci fait tourner la vis sur un chiffon épais éliminant ainsi tout résidu.

Back to the workbench, this time I spun the screw on a thick cloth therefore removing any residue.

Polishing Brass Screws / Polir des vis en laiton

Le résultat est remarquable si on compare avec le corps de la vis de la première photo.

The result is remarkable compared to the body of the screw shown on the first photo.

Polishing Brass Screws / Polir des vis en laiton

Demain vous les verrez briller dans mon armoire à outils manuels.

Tomorrow you will see them shine in my hand tool cabinet.

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6 Responses to Polishing Brass Screws / Polir des vis en laiton

  1. Ian says:

    Good one!
    My old boss showed me this technique one time for shaping wood and metal dowel/rod stock for making even chamfers, points, etc.
    I had not thought of polishing!

  2. Mark Butler says:

    Serge, a good idea using the drill chuck to hold the screw. Another part of the tip that you didn’t mention is having that cut out plastic container behind the wheel to collect all the flying green compound. A simple solution to avoiding cleaning up the mess on your workbench. I speak from experience :).


    • Thank you Mark. I was going (and I will) to share my plastic container setup. I’ll work on it and post it in couple of days. This one, and more are worth to be shared !


  3. Eric R says:

    A very good trick to remember for the next time I have a project where the brass screws will be prominently displayed.
    Thanks Serge.