From a Board To a Bed / D’une table à un lit

Dernièrement j’ai du remplacer une pièce brisée sous le tableau de bord de ma souffleuse à neige. Pour travailler aisément tout en ménageant mes bras, je me suis installé convenablement. Premièrement, j’y ai glissé un seau, appuyé sur le châssis.

Lately I had to crawl under my snow blower dashboard to replace a broken part. To comfortably work and to take care of my arms, I’ve carefully set me up. First, I slipped a pail under, leaning against the frame.

From a Board To a Bed / D'une table à un lit

Ensuite j’ai ’emprunté’ une table à repasser, laquelle j’ai déposée une extrémité sur le seau, tel que montré.

Then I ‘borrowed’ an ironing board, which I dropped one end on the pail, as shown.

From a Board To a Bed / D'une table à un lit

Tel que montré, j’étais tout à fait à mon aise pour remplacer la pièce sans devoir étendre mes bras et ainsi prévenir la fatigue et des malaises.

À noter que l’obturateur automatique de ma caméra s’est actionné avant que je me roule complètement sur le dos pour la photo.

As shown, I was quite comfortable to replace the piece without having to stretch my arms too much, therefore preventing fatigue and pain.

Take note that the auto-shot device of my camera fired before I completely rolled over on my back for the photo.

From a Board To a Bed / D'une table à un lit

C’est un vieux truc que j’ai appris d’un plombier qui travaillait sous un évier de cuisine.

This is an old trick I learned from a plumber who was working under a kitchen sink.

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15 Responses to From a Board To a Bed / D’une table à un lit

  1. wim31415 says:

    Hi Serge,
    Neat trick, but shouldn’t the pail be preferably upside down?

    • Wim, I remember being not sure about that and wondering if the board would rock sitting on the narrower end, reason why I used it upside down as shown.


  2. Great idea for old, tired backs. The next time I have to play plummer under the kitchen sink I’ll use this. Thanks Serge.

  3. Dave says:

    Smart way to help your back from any soreness later on.

  4. Morgan says:

    My wife would skin my hide if that happened!

    • Morgan, doesn’t your wife get out once in a while for shopping leaving you the opportunity to ‘borrow’ the ironing board while she’s away ! Don’t get it dirty though !! 🙂


  5. Boudreau May says:

    Very bright idea and will plant this in my gray matter especially the under the sink one. Thank you so much for taking the time to share.

  6. Mark Butler says:

    Serge, I will definitely remember this one. I could have used it last month while I was replacing my kitchen faucet!


    • Mark, you better send me an email asking for a tip each time you’re planning to do something !!! 😉



      • Mark Butler says:

        Serge, I’m going to take you up on your offer. I’m actually struggling with a problem with my snow blower that I want to solve before the snow comes. It involves woodworking and mechanics so I’ll send you an email before I get myself into trouble!! 🙂


  7. lelobo says:

    Hi Serge, Great Idea! handy thing to have on a job if your wife will be kind enough to lend it to you…

  8. Jean-Claude says:

    Merci pour les trucs