Paris, France

Quelle honte !

What a shame !

Paris, France

Toute personne intelligente sur terre est en deuil suite aux attentats et meurtres à Paris.

Ces agissements sur l’humanité sont des plus honteux.

Que chaque individu à travers le monde soit assez courageux pour dénoncer tout agissement suspect au sein de son propre entourage.

Any intelligent person on earth is in mourning following the attacks and murders in Paris.

These acts on humanity are worst shameful.

That each individual around the world be courageous enough to denounce any suspect behaviour within his own entourage.


27 Responses to Paris, France

  1. Leroy in Kansas says:

    My heart is sad for the misguided individuals who have turned against humanity. May God be merciful to them. And as for the rest of us, well, it’s about time to play cowboys and Muslims.

    • Steve says:

      I feel that it is wrong to blame all Muslims for these acts. they don’t seem very religious to me. These seem more like just common thugs and bullies, nothing but bottom scum and cowards.

  2. Joe & Tere Cintron says:

    Nuestros corazones estan con nuestros hermanos en Paris. Viva La France!

  3. Merci de votre solidarité !!
    Malheureusement, je pense que ce n’est pas fini…..

  4. Lucien Brisset says:

    Cher(e)s ami(e)s canadiens, chers cousins, chers cousines,
    Nous allons devoir traverser des moments très difficiles durant les jours, les mois voire les années qui viennent. La liberté, l’égalité et la fraternité sont à ce prix. Nous savons que nous pouvons compter sur l’indéfectible soutient que vous nous avez toujours manifesté. Chaque français de ma génération sait ce qu’il vous doit …
    Merci de tous vos messages,
    Prenez soin de vous,
    Lucien Brisset

  5. Neal Smith says:

    I am truly sorry that something so vile would happen. There are to many “animals” in the world today. All citizens of the world are thinking of you and saying prayers for your care and protection in this terrible time of grief.

  6. Steve says:

    Mine and my wife’s prayers and sympathies go out to all those affected by this tragic and cowardly act. To those who perpetrated this sinfully, shameful, and cowardly act you receive mine and many others anger and sympathy for your stupidity to be lead around by cowards.