Rx as Shop Safety Device / Rx comme protection dans l’atelier

Voici un simple truc de sécurité qui peut être appliqué presque partout, même au jardin, mais particulièrement dans un atelier où les risques sont omniprésents. Par exemple, j’ai pris l’habitude de couvrir les tiges des serre-joints avec des petits contenants pour pilules pour prévenir (lire stopper) mes fréquentes collisions sur les jointures contre les coins pointus.

Cela vous dit quelque chose ?

Ils ont toutes les qualités requises, et sont gratuits (ou toute vieille personne autour de vous peut vous alimenter). Ils peuvent être installés en permanence ou temporairement.

Here’s a simple safety tip that can be applied almost anywhere, even in the garden, but particularly in a woodworking shop where hazards are omnipresent. I took the habit of capping bar clamps will small pill containers to prevent (read stop) bumping my knuckles against sharp corners.

Does it ring a bell ?

They have all required qualities, and they are free (or any elder person around you can feed you). They can be installed permanently or temporarily.

Rx as Shop Safety Device / Rx comme protection dans l'atelier

Rx as Shop Safety Device / Rx comme protection dans l'atelier

Dans des articles précédents j’ai montré que le couvre également des outils coupants avec de tels contenants de pilules.

In previous posts I shown that I also cap sharp and protruding tools with such pill containers.

Rx as Shop Safety Device / Rx comme protection dans l'atelier

Rx as Shop Safety Device / Rx comme protection dans l'atelier

Vous ne savez jamais ce qui peut se passer, et quand !

You never know what can happen, and when !

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10 Responses to Rx as Shop Safety Device / Rx comme protection dans l’atelier

  1. Mark Butler says:

    Serge, thanks for the tip. Fortunately (or unfortunately) I have an ongoing supply of these bottles.


  2. Mark Butler says:

    Serge, unfortunately my pharmacy changed to blue bottles so you can’t see what’s in them. Prior to this I did use some for storing some speciality items, like my collection of router base screws. I will start saving the blues ones because I have a perfect spot for them where I store steels rods, threaded rods and dowels.


    • Come on Mark, change pharmacy for one who supplies clear bottles !! 🙂
      Chatting about pill bottles just gave me the idea of using some of them to organize few of my lathe chuck accessories. Idea to be worked on !


      • Mark Butler says:

        Good idea Serge. I’m going to tell my pharmacist if he doesn’t switch to clear bottles I’m going to expose him on your blog and get all 1500 followers to boycott their chain of stores :).

        Actually I never throw out clear plastic containers. It’s all I use to store things in. Otherwise I’d never find anything.


        • Mark, If your pharmacist do agree to get back to supply clear bottles, tell him that you will expose him on my blog and get all 1500 followers to change for his chain of stores ! 🙂

          Throwing something away guaranties regrets few days later !


          • Mark Butler says:

            Serge, “Throwing something away guaranties regrets few days later.”

            This is so true and after many years I still don’t understand why this is. Two days ago I replaced my kitchen faucet and had some parts left over. I have too much stuff in my shop but I couldn’t throw these out.

            Today, I was repairing a part on my wood stove and sure enough, the parts I saved were exactly what I needed to make the repair.

            One day when I’m no longer here, someone will have to clean out my shop and they will ask “why did this guy save so much junk”. It’s a habit that has served me well all my life and I just can’t stop it.

            By the way, I have an autoimmune disease and after much research that I think I have found a natural cure so I may loose my supply of these little pill bottles. I’ll keep you posted.


          • Mark, I too have an autoimmune disease. And please, keep me posted !

            And of course, keep stocking !


  3. lelobo says:

    Hi Serge,
    Someone stretching their arm over or near those knives could get a very nasty cut and depending on their health could develop some infections that could be very hard to cure. The pain and damage of a moment of inattention.

    I too have a huge quantity of these bottles in many sizes. I use them for quite a bit of things and the quality of the bottles is very good so they last a good long time. Using them to cover those cutters is a very good idea that I will add too there uses. They cover well and are deep enough that they won’t fall off easily. A squirt of red or fluoro. paint on them helps to make them more visible and seeing them easily on the bench helps too make sure they go back on the knife in good time also.

    Thanks for the great idea. Another great use for these bottles that helps to keep us in the shop!

    Tks, RR

    • Thank you Ray for your input. I really like your idea of applying a coat of bright paint on the pill bottles. I’d use orange fluorescent paint ! Take not that I also use 1kg dairy product containers for such usage in the shop.