From Trash to Bungee Cords Organizer / De rebus à rangement pour cordes bungee

J’ai trouvé ce pratique support de rangement appuyé sur une poubelle au bord de la rue.

I found this handy organizer leaning on a trash can on the side of the road.

From Trash to Bungee Cords Organizer / De rebus à rangement pour cordes bungee

Super, n’est-ce pas ? Il est un peu plus efficace que mon précédent de 2010.

Trop pratique pour l’envoyer au site d’enfouissement ou la décharge !

Great, isn’t it ? It is a bit more effective than my 2010 previous one.

Too handy to send to the landfill !

From Trash to Bungee Cords Organizer / De rebus à rangement pour cordes bungee

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Bon bricolage !

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Happy Woodworking !


11 Responses to From Trash to Bungee Cords Organizer / De rebus à rangement pour cordes bungee

  1. Neat idea Serge. Saves untangling them while trying to find the correct length each time.

    • Since I have few bungee cords in my pickup truck I just realized that such short wire shelving will do by wrapping the cords around the end. From now I’ll be looking for a short one ! Thank you Don for sharing your thoughts.


  2. dorald123 says:

    Great idea. I use the same type of shelving over my garage sink to lay brushes and things on to air dry. I inked it to the edge of the sink so I can flip it over, out of the way.

    • Drying rack ? Good idea too. Thanks for sharing.


      • myamiphil says:

        Hope this gets thru… A little idea for four wire racks to make into a hinged turnable rack setup to store handy tools. Make it deeper if needed for thicker tools. Would need angle brackets maybe to strengthen the wood frame. Tools may be heavy. Use 1/2 inch pine for the framework. If the pdf attachment didn’t get thru, send me an email address. Yahoo has been throwing fits this morning. Best Regards, Phil

        • Phil, The pdf didn’t get thru. You will find my email address in the right Categories column under Contact & Reference. I’ll look forward for the pdf document to I can get a good idea of this project. Sounds interesting !


  3. myamiphil says:

    Great idea.. I have a few shelves hanging around… Will be part of my new workshop.. (when I move in the near future)

  4. cstandley2014 says:


  5. Octavio salas guerrero says:

    Buenas noches
    Sinceramente me a ayudado mucho lo q sube ala red… tengo un año cn mi taller de carpinteria y todo lo he aprendido de yutube…
    Pero lo encontre y realmente usted me a ayudado mucho a terner y aprender cm se hacen las cosas y se q me falta muchicimo x aprender gracias
    Q dios lo bendiga

    • Hola,
      Estoy muy feliz de leer que mis artículos son útiles para usted. Esto sin duda me motivan a seguir compartiendo mi experiencia y proyectos. Detallo estos paso a paso pensando en ayudar a los principiantes en este maravilloso hobby.
      Gracias por tomarse el tiempo para añadir un comentario.
      Mirando hacia el futuro …
      (Traducción Google)

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