The ‘Duct Tape’ Solution for Slivers / La solution ‘Duct Tape’ pour échardes

Hier j’ai manipulé du bois brut et comme je n’avais pas mes gants anti-perforation, un doigt m’a réveillé plusieurs fois pendant la nuit.

Yesterday I manipulated rough wood and since I was not wearing my anti-puncture gloves, a finger awaked me several times during the night.

Compte tenu que l’écharde était si petite et que je ne pouvais même pas la voir, j’ai essayé la technique du Duct Tape, lequel j’ai enroulé autour de l’endroit où je sentais la douleur (encerclé).

Since the sliver was so small and since I couldn’t even see it, I tried the Duct Tape technique, which I wrapped around the location where I could feel the pain (circled).

The 'Duct Tape' Solution for Slivers / La solution 'Duct Tape' pour échardes

Aussitôt j’ai retiré le ruban, mais la douleur persistait et l’écharde y était encore. J’ai replacé le ruban autour de mon doigt, j’ai attrapé mon livre de Sudoku et j’ai attendu. Après environ 10 minutes, la chaleur de ma main avant donné à la colle toute son adhérence, cette fois l’écharde est restée collée au ruban lorsque je l’ai retiré. Le ruban était à ma grande surprise vraiment collé à mon doigt.

At once I removed the tape, but the pain persisted and the sliver was still there. I rolled back the tape around my finger, I grabbed my Sudoku book and I waited. After about 10 minutes, my body heat having melt and gave the glue all its adherence, this time the sliver was stuck to the tape when I removed it. The tape was really and surprisingly stuck to my finger.

The 'Duct Tape' Solution for Slivers / La solution 'Duct Tape' pour échardes

Quel soulagement, pour maintenant et pour toujours. À retenir !

What a relief, for now and forever. Keep it in mind !

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10 Responses to The ‘Duct Tape’ Solution for Slivers / La solution ‘Duct Tape’ pour échardes

  1. Eric R says:

    Another very valuable tip.
    Thank you Serge.

  2. Mark Denovich says:

    I’m hoping that a side effect of thanking you for this idea is that I will remember to use it the next time I get a splinter.


  3. Mark Butler says:

    Serge, I’ll likely be using this tip in a day or two. That’s about how often I get slivers. I’m pretty good at getting them out but this sounds like the best method for those hard to see ones. Thanks.


  4. Bruce Miller says:

    Great tip!!!
    I read the other day about putting some wood glue over it, let it dry.
    When the glue comes off so does the splinter.
    So if one doesn’t work try the other, splinters aren’t any fun.

    • Bruce, I heard about the glue tip as well. I keep it in my back pocket too ! Thanks for you input anyway. From now, more woodworkers will know this one too.

      It’s nice to have a Plan B !


  5. nel2lar says:

    The bad thing about the famous duct tape is the adhesive is poisonous, be careful how long you have it on.