My Allen (hex) Key Solution / Ma solution pour clé Allen (hexagonale)

Pour commencer par le commencement, la clé Allen d’origine (encerclée) rangée dans le boîtier de la poignée de ma scie va-et-vient est trop courte, rendant difficile d’appliquer une torsion suffisante (pensez arthrite) pour serrer les lames et la semelle, particulièrement lorsque j’agrippe l’extrémité la plus courte.

Starting at the very beginning, the provided Allen key (circled) tucked in the body of the handle of my reciprocating saw is too short to apply sufficient torque (think arthritis) to lock the blades and the sole, particularly when holding the shortest end.

My Allen (hex) Key Solution / Ma solution pour clé Allen (hex)

My Allen (hex) Key Solution / Ma solution pour clé Allen (hex)

Vous pouvez en déduire alors que j’utilise une clé plus appropriée.

You will probably end up thinking that I use a more appropriate key.

My Allen (hex) Key Solution / Ma solution pour clé Allen (hex)

Hier j’ai sorti ma scie pour défaire deux palettes. Comme à chaque fois j’ai dû perdre du temps à chercher une clé Allen décente du bon calibre (encerclée), j’ai enfin eu l’idée de marquer quelques lames pour me le rappeler à l’avenir au lieu de faire encore des milliers d’essais.

Yesterday I grabbed my saw to dismantle two pallets. As per each occasion I lost time searching for the right size of a decent Allen key (circled), I finally came up with the idea of marking few blades so I won’t have to make more thousand tests in the future.

My Allen (hex) Key Solution / Ma solution pour clé Allen (hex)

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16 Responses to My Allen (hex) Key Solution / Ma solution pour clé Allen (hexagonale)

  1. Mark Butler says:

    Serge, I share the same problem that you do, both with the arthritis and frustration finding the right size allen key. I’ll remember this tip next time. Thanks.

  2. Kelly Brown says:

    That’s a good solution. I’ve begun to label everything I can, but never thought to label blades or tools. I don’t use a recip saw, but I like the principle.

  3. Morgan says:

    So why is yours not metric? That is what really drives me crazy is having to get both sets out to sort them out!! Then be sure not to mix them. I am partial to the sets with the ball end on the long shank and sadly no color coding on the handles.

    • Hey Morgan,
      I hope the sand storm I heard from on TV yesterday didn’t bother you too much ! I sure it’s as dab as a snow storm.

      As shown on one picture, I have two sets, one metric (color coded) and one Imperial (all blue). For the reason you mentioned, I secured my two sets on a single board so they are both on hands when needed. I believe the last part of the puzzle was to mark the tool, or in instance, the blades to find the right key or wrench at once. I also own the ball end sets, probably similar to yours, and while writing those lines… I think we should get some nail polish (think borrow) and color-code ours keys !

      It’s good to hear from you !


  4. Kelly Brown says:

    Hi again Serge,

    Feel free to moderate this out, since it’s mainly for your information and not about woodworking, but I wonder if you’ve ever heard of S-adenosylmethionine or SAM-e for arthritis. It is a supplement that I take every day. It’s pricey, but I am in considerably less pain when I take it. I take 800 mg each morning 1/2 hr before eating. 400 may also work. Not sure what brands you may have in Canada, but I take NatureMade or Jarrow. A person should begin to see a difference after about 5 days. It helps in some other ways, too, like more energy in the afternoons.

    I also take glucosamine, chondroitn and MSM combo but it’s the SAM-e that makes the most difference.

  5. why not just label the tool, since the set screw will always be with the tool (or the pile of saw dust below it),not the blade.

    • It was a decision. Since my permanent marker is black as well as the tool, among many options I opted for the shown simple solution. Thank you anyway.


      • I’m not saying your idea is bad,just thinking out loud.

      • Project Idea:Have you ever made a computer and stereo desk/cabinet?As most are now getting wired in their shops,computers,stereos,cell phones.most don’t have a place to put them,without taking up floor or bench space.

        • I once made a mobile computer desk (quick, cheap and easy) intended for house usage, meaning it takes floor space. However, since I’m no fan of electronic devices in the shop, I didn’t have in mind such project for the shop. I have a jobsite Bosch radio and since it is meant to endure at least dust, I’m okay with it. By the way, my previous camera was invaded by dust, what reflected on each photo shot. But we never know, I may come with some ideas !


  6. Brian says:

    In a situation like this, I have sacrificed the cost of a cheap set of allen keys at Princess auto (on sale) to take the correct sized one and zip tied it to the plug end of the cord. It serves 2 functions, you always have the right size with you, even if you are away from the shop, and it reminds you to unplug the cord to prevent a nasty incident in the event you mistakenly pull the trigger when changing blades.