Arthritis Friend Plugs / Prises amicales pour arthrite

Désolé les jeunes, cette astuce est principalement dédiée aux plus… expérimentés de la vie ! Toutefois, vous pouvez le garder en réserve pour plus tard !

I’m sorry youngsters, this tip is primarily dedicated to the most… experimented in life ! However, you may keep it aside for later !

Les prises de cordons électriques d’aujourd’hui sont principalement fabriquées de matière plastique. De ce fait, elles n’ont pas la prise du caoutchouc utilisé d’antan.

En vieillissant j’ai remarqué ma difficulté à appliquer la pression requise pour les retirer des prises électriques, murales ou rallonges.

Alors, les enrouler de ruban athlétique en tissu ( tel ruban de hockey) améliore grandement la prise.

Today’s electric cord plugs are primarily made out of plastic material. That said, they don’t have the grip the former used rubber ones had.

As I’m getting older I notices my difficulty to apply required pressure to pull them out from extensions or wall outlets.

So, by wrapping fabric athletic tape (hockey tape) greatly improve the grip.

Arthritis Friend Plugs / Prises amicales pour arthrite

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16 Responses to Arthritis Friend Plugs / Prises amicales pour arthrite

  1. Mark Butler says:

    Serge, whenI saw the title of this tip I knew it would be something I could use. I also have a problem with the hard plastic plugs and I have been using hockey tape to wrap my heavey hammer handels and other things to get a good grip. But I discovered the self-fusing silicone tape that has no adhesive is even better. I found it at Dollarama and it’s half the price of the big box stores. Now I’m going to put some on my plugs!


  2. Necessity is the mother of invention is it not? I appreciate your need as I will copy this one. Indeed.

  3. Eric R says:

    Definitely a tip worth implementing.
    As my arthritis advances, so does my desire to find work-arounds.
    Thanks Serge & Mark Butler.

  4. You should NEVER pull a plug out by the cord

  5. Kelly Brown says:

    I have these issues, too. I’ll try this. Very good idea.

    I also use Grrippers on the planer and jointer. I was not able to do large boards without a lot of pain. I know they are expensive. Perhaps someone could make something similar. The key is that they grip and push with the little back piece, and they seem to fit my hand ergonomically.

    • Kelly, it should work for you as well. I have in mind some kinds of push pads for the jointer and the router table. Two more to add on my todo list. I’m not willing to pay that much for Grrippers !


  6. Alain says:

    En Belgique (et probablement ailleurs en Europe) il est possible de se procurer des fiches avec un “anneau” pour faciliter son retrait des prises. N’avez-vous pas quelque chose de semblable en Amérique du Nord?
    Voir exemples:


    In Belgium (and most probably elsewhere in Europe) it is possible to get plugs with a “ring” for our convenience to plug it off the power socket. Don’t you have something similar in North America?
    See examples:


    Cordialement; best regards,


    • Bonjour Alain,

      Si ces bidules existent au Québec, je n’en ai jamais vu, ni entendu parlé. Merci toutefois pour l’information. À ce que je vois, la Belgique est plus que les frites et la bière ! 🙂

      Au plaisir…

    • Eric R says:

      Je souhaite que nous avions prises avec des anneaux ici aux Etats-Unis.
      Ceux ressemblent ils seraient utiles.
      Merci pour le partage.
      Kissimmee en Floride

  7. nel2lar says:

    Add a loop made up of string, place over plug then tape. Put finger in loop and pull. I know what arthritis is and it’s no fun when it comes to gripping.