Mirror Helps / Un miroir aidant

Si vous n’avez pas un ou des miroirs dans votre atelier, cette photo vous démontrera la pertinence.

Sur celle-ci, je m’en sers pour maintenir ma ponceuse perpendiculaire avec la pièce, ou de niveau (encerclé).

Après un certain temps on ne peut plus s’en passer !

If you don’t have one or more mirrors in your shop, this photo will show you the convenience.

On this particular one, I’m using it to keep my sander perpendicular to the workpiece, or level (circled).

After a while, you can’t live with one !

Mirror Helps / Un miroir aidant

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6 Responses to Mirror Helps / Un miroir aidant

  1. That and flashlights to find dropped screws under the table. Take care Serge.

  2. Eric R says:

    Very helpful.

    • Hi Eric,

      Years ago I purchased several of them. I keep moving them all around the shop according to each major shop reorganization. While I’m writing those lines came an idea. How about hanging few beside fluorescent fixtures to redirect light where needed, let’s say dark corner under PVC pipes where I can’t hang fixtures ! I’ll work on this idea.

      You know what ? If you didn’t have taken the time to write your comment, probably I wouldn’t have this ‘brilliant’ idea ! Thank you Eric.

      All the best my friend…

  3. Chris Wong says:

    I also like that mirrors make my shop feel twice as big, with twice as much equipment).