Loose Plug Solved / Fixer une prise lâche

Une prise lâche qui ne peut rester dans la prise murale vous dit quelque chose ?

J’ai réglé le problème de celle-ci en insérant un petit tournevis plat entre les plaquettes de chaque borne afin de les écarter et ainsi créer à nouveau la pression requise.

A loose plug that can’t stay in the wall outlet tells you something ?

I solved the problem on this one by inserting a small flat screwdriver between the layers of each prong to spread them apart therefore recreate the required pressure.

Loose Plug Solved / Fixer une prise lâche

Loose Plug Solved / Fixer une prise lâche

Pour une prise à bornes massives, déposez les bornes de côté sur une enclume ou un étau de mécanicien et à l’aide d’un marteau frappez chaque borne pour changer leur profil et ainsi les épaissir.

For a solid prongs plug, drop the prongs sideways on an anvil or a mechanic’s vise and using a hammer tap each prong to change their profile by fattening them out.

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2 Responses to Loose Plug Solved / Fixer une prise lâche

  1. Jim Barry says:

    Be careful doing that sort of thing. A person could angle the prongs incorrectly or put a gap in the prong like you did and it can cause an arc…start a fire from sawdust built up in the electrical box. A better solution would be to spend the $2 and purchase a new receptacle.

    • Jim, I don’t see any issue here. Any gap on the prongs as you mentioned would be squeezed or eliminated when the plug is inserted into an outlet. Besides that, you need a positive and a negative terminal to produce an arc and each prong can’t carry both. In my opinion, I rather keep using an old plug rather than getting a new one because today’s products are much junk.