Storing Plywood Flat / Ranger le contreplaqué à plat

Le contreplaqué qui n’est pas rangé convenablement finira par courber. Voici ma solution :

Ces chutes de contreplaqué sont parfaites pour la démonstration du rangement adéquat de ces treize pièces que j’ai récupérées dernièrement. Elles pourraient être déposées sur le plancher, mais dans mon petit atelier de sous-sol j’ai mieux tout avoir sur roulettes. Ce chariot-plateforme (en rabais maintenant) que j’ai reçu cette semaine est parfait pour mon environnement.

Plywood stored incorrectly will bow. Here is my solution :

Those plywood scraps are perfect to demonstrate how to adequately store those thirteen pieces that salvaged lately. They could be dropped on the floor, but in my small basement workshop I rather have everything on wheels. This platform hand truck (on sale now) that I got this week is perfect for my environment.

Storing Plywood Flat - Ranger le contreplaqué à plat

Quatre serre-joints bloquent les pièces et les gardent à la verticale, sans autre appui, bien à plat.

Four clamps lock the pieces and keep them vertical, without any other support, and flat.

Storing Plywood Flat - Ranger le contreplaqué à plat

En passant, je possède un autre chariot identique pour ranger des planches. Ici toutefois, pas question de sortir du cadre, uniquement de la boîte !

By the way, I own another identical hand truck to store planks. Does-it remind you the quote “Think outside the box ?”

Storing Plywood Flat - Ranger le contreplaqué à plat

Dans le passé j’ai également rangé des feuilles de contreplaqué complètes en utilisant des serre-joints pour les garder bien à plat (photos prises en février 2012). Ce sont d’ailleurs celles que j’ai utilisées récemment pour réaliser mes armoires à outils manuels.

In the past I also stored full size plywood sheets using clamps to keep them flat (pictures shot in February 2012). In fact, those are the ones I recently used to build my wall hand tool cabinets.

Storing Plywood Flat - Ranger le contreplaqué à plat

Storing Plywood Flat - Ranger le contreplaqué à plat

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8 Responses to Storing Plywood Flat / Ranger le contreplaqué à plat

  1. Brian Harding says:

    Bonjour Serge,

    I have the same restriction as you, my workshop is in the basement and space is always a concern. Thank you so much for the idea about using the Busy Bee folding cart to store small pieces of plywood etc etc. Like you Serge, I like mobility in my shop as it gives me flexibility in a small environment.
    I just ordered the cart from Busy Bee…..great sale price…$24.99. Serge, Busy Bee should be giving you a sales commission. I really enjoy receiving your weekly emails. I have printed out a lot of them and have them in 2 large 3 ring binders in my work shop. I can hardly wait to start making some of your jigs and projects later this year once I get my outside work done.

    You are providing a great service to us wood workers mon ami

    Merci mille fois

    Brian Harding
    Kitchener, Ontario

    • Salut Brian,

      I don’t want anything from Busy Bee, except coming up with great deals, which I devoted to share with my American continent readers. Since I feel good when such bargains rise, I suppose more woodworkers would be more than happy to know about them.

      I’d say that most hobbyist woodworkers have such tiny shop as mine, and yours, and sharing space saving ideas is part of my commitment.

      Thank you for your kind words and for following me in my woodworking journey.



  2. Eric R says:

    After seeing your neatly organized and arranged plywood, I am ashamed when I go out to my shop.
    I like that clamping idea.
    That will be one of this weeks shop corrections.
    Thank you serge.

    • Eric, I’m glad the idea can be useful to you as well. I’m very excited the Universe sent me this clamping idea.
      If I remember correctly, you garage shop is also well organized. I remember having seen huge racks filled with organized planks. But as they say, there’s always room for improvement.


  3. Bill B. says:

    Bonjour Serge,
    I agree with all of Brian’s comments. As I to work in a cramped space. A one car garage. All of my tools and supplies must be mobile as I must use the garage to park our car in the winter time.
    And my wife likes to be able to have adequate access to the drivers door.
    And as Brian wrote, I also save selected articles that you post. And I’m one of many who enjoy your words, photographs with arrows, and ideas.
    Know that your blog is appreciated.

    Warmest regards,
    Bill B.

    • Thank you very much Bill for your kind words. As I already mentioned, I like to write my articles the way I like to read the ones from others. I believe this is the way to go. Less words, more photos, arrows and circles, all short cuts are good to ease understanding of each post.


  4. jose clemente says:

    Boa ideia para arrumação e transporte

    • Obrigado. Na verdade, a idéia de prática, de baixo custo, versátil, que eu tinha que compartilhar.

      Olhando para a frente …

      (Google tradução)