Measuring Miters / Mesurer les onglets

Je viens d’apprendre un nouveau truc (dernière photo).

I just learned a new trick (last photo).

Il est facile et commun d’accrocher le ruban à mesurer sur la pointe d’un onglet, n’est-ce pas ?

It is easy and typical to hook the measuring tape from the tip of an miter, doesn’t it ?

Measuring Miters / Mesurer les onglets

Par contre, il est impossible depuis le talon de l’onglet. Et pour moi pas question de deviner !

However, it is impossible from the heel of the miter. And no way I would guess !

Measuring Miters / Mesurer les onglets

Pour éviter de tâtonner, j’avais appris à déposer le talon sur un bord carré et de mesurer accroché à ce dernier.

To prevent from fussing, I’ve learned to drop the heel even with a square edge and to measure hooked on this latter.

Measuring Miters / Mesurer les onglets

Une autre méthode pratique est de pincer temporairement une équerre et de mesurer depuis cette dernière.

Another handy method is to temporary clamp a square and measure from this latter.

Measuring Miters / Mesurer les onglets

Ce truc me sera très utile lorsqu’aucun bord carré ne sera disponible.

This trick will be quite handy when no square edges will be available.

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10 Responses to Measuring Miters / Mesurer les onglets

  1. meccano21 says:

    Astucieux ! deux idées à retenir , Merci .

  2. Cool! I usually use a Story Stick when I have nothing else to use. But your method eliminates guesses. Thanks Serge.

  3. zomascheper says:

    Genius really. So simple

  4. ROBERT LINDH says:

    why did I never think of that….great idea.

  5. Keith says:

    I just add/subtract the width of the work to the measure. When I’m doing picture framing with rabbets in the back, all I do is measure the length of the piece I want to put in, add twice the distance from the edge of the rabbet to the outer edge of the work and measure tip-to-tip.n For example, if the art work is 10 inches and that width is 1″, then I cut the piece 12″ long (I also add another 1/8″ for a loose fit, warpage, expansion/contraction, out of square glass cutting, etc.)