End Wet Grinding Mess / Fin des dégâts du meulage à l’eau

Un seul dégât a été suffisant pour que je trouve cette simple solution : Toujours déposer ma meule à eau (et les pierres à eau) sur ce plateau à bottes en robuste caoutchouc pour prévenir les inévitables éclaboussures sur mon établi.

Only one mess was enough for me to come up with this quick solution : Always dropping my wet grinder (and water stones) in this heavy duty rubber boot tray to prevent any spills on my bench.

End Wet Grinding Mess / Fin des dégâts du meulage à l'eau

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7 Responses to End Wet Grinding Mess / Fin des dégâts du meulage à l’eau

  1. Eric R says:

    Another smart idea Serge.
    You are the master at thinking outside the box !

    • Thank you Eric.
      Yes, I think outside the box and keep the spills inside ! 🙂
      By the way, do you use such boot trays (or even boots) in your Sunny State ? I guess not. 🙂
      Cheers my friend.

  2. Beverly Benham says:

    What great timing! I was looking at wet grinders for the first time this morning, and I’m sure this tip will be useful. May I ask what kind of grinder you have? I am leaning toward a Grizzly (seems like the right combination of features and price for me), but the reviews on Amazon are all over the place. Any advice?

    • Hello Beverly,

      This is the one I bought last year or so. Unlike the top of the notch Tormek, no accessories are available. However, since I have several sharpening tools, I don’t see any issue for me. I don’t know about the Grizzly, but I believe this is something you should think of if it’s the only sharpener would will get. Since such tools should last a life time, under normal or home use of course, it is worth is to look what the tool would cost you spread over, let’s say 25 years. Ex. $200 spread over 25 years means 66 cents per month while $400 spread over 25 years will be $1.33 per month.

      I also see buying tools as buying a car. They all do the same thing but the feeling of owning it and using it makes all the difference. It’s a personal choice. You may regret buying a cheap tool and you should never regret having bought the best.

      I hope my thoughts could help !


    • Beverly,

      I forgot to mention that I don’t regret this purchase, even if sometimes I have to give the stone a push so the motor will stop humming and spin ! Besides that, it does the job.

      Oh yes, thank for following me in my woodworking journey.


      • Beverly Benham says:

        It looks like this conversation just saved me $100! Looking at the grinder on Busy Bee’s site, I saw that one of the commenters said that it appeared to be the same grinder as the Grizzly 10 inch. Sure enough, comparing the specs and the photos, they do appear identical–except for the price. Even though I have to pay shipping from Busy Bee, considering the price difference (from Amazon) and the Can-US conversion rate, the Craftex is a much better deal. Je vous remercie beaucoup pour votre réponse rapide et utile!

        • Beverly (read wise customer), 🙂

          As you mentioned in your previous comment, good timing ! As per my catalog, the Craftex wet grinder is on sale till March 174th. And you’re right, they look quite identical ! Perhaps Grizzly accessories would fit on it.