Web Clamp Repair / Réparer un serre-joint à sangle

Le châssis des serre-joints à sangle est plus fragile que je pensais !

Alors que serrait une boîte aux coins en onglets, un de mes serre-joints s’est brisé. J’ai eu toutefois la chance d’en avoir d’autres pour continuer et compléter l’assemblage.

Web clamp frames are more fragile than I thought !

While clamping a mitered box the frame of one of my web clamps broke apart. I was fortunate enough to have few other web clamps to move on and complete the assembly.

Web Clamp Repair / Réparer un serre-joint à sangle

Pendant que la colle séchait, j’ai eu l’idée de faire la réparation avec des attaches ou boucles de plastique. J’ai percé deux trous de chaque côté du châssis et j’y ai enfilé deux attaches.

While the glue dried, I came up with a quick fix using plastic tie wraps. I drilled two holes on each sides of the frame and threaded two tie wraps.

Web Clamp Repair / Réparer un serre-joint à sangle

Plus tard, pour prévenir mes autres serre-joints à sangle de briser, j’ai percé un unique trou de chaque côté du cadre pour ajouter une boucle afin qu’elle puisse soutenir le cadre et ne pas briser.

Réparation rapide, efficace et peu coûteuse. Franchement, de quoi me rendre heureux !

Later on, to prevent the remaining web clamps from breaking, I drilled a single hole on each side of the frame for one tie wrap so they would be backed-up and not brake.

Quick , easy and cheap fix. Frankly, something that makes me happy !

Web Clamp Repair / Réparer un serre-joint à sangle

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7 Responses to Web Clamp Repair / Réparer un serre-joint à sangle

  1. Allen T. Moss says:

    Of all the web-based, woodworking sites/forums, yours is one that I enjoy the reading most. Your approach to processes, tools, jigs and hacks is simple and effective.

    Thank you for taking the time and effort to share your knowledge, skills and pearls of wisdom.

    • Thank you so much, Allen. You’re right, it’s a lot of time and effort invested. Almost each day I wonder if I should, mostly for health issues, end this blog. However, comments like yours keep my going for several days.

      The way I write my posts is the way I’d like to read it. Since my goal is to share (not showing off) my woodworking experiences, I manage to make my posts as much understandable as I can.

      Thank you for having taken the time to write this comment and thank you for following me in my woodworking journey.


  2. diggerjack says:

    Salut Serge

    Après la réparation voici la prévention . Bon état d’esprit que de vouloir préserver ces objets qui nous sont si cher ( à nos portefeuilles comme à notre coeur)

    Belle réussite une fois de plus

    Au plaisir

    • Salut Jack,

      Et tout ceci après une distraction (article précédent concernant la réalisation de rainures parfaites) !

      Merci et au plaisir…

    • Salut Jack,

      Et j’ajoute à tes propos la satisfaction du travail accompli. En effet, belle réussite, à bien des points de vues !

      Au plaisir…

  3. lelobo says:

    Hi Serge,

    Nice quick fix, the clamp will continue to perform for a while still with this nicely done repair. Many folks are not aware of the way that plastics degrade with time. It is a fact that for this to happen it does take much time but, the fact still remains though that the product is weakened or fractures at places that we would not expect at times.

    There are tools that read the amount of vapour or fumes that certain plastics will release in the process of their slow degrading demise. It is interesting to see and to learn about. Many times a small variance in the moulding process will cause a fracture that I mentioned above. This is most likely what happened here with the clamp. Your repair could last for years still as they are well done and the time was well spent.

    diggerjack explained this well in his comments. The efforts saved the tool, time, money and also the demand on resources which are all very important points in their own rites. Many would have thrown this tool out and you’ve shown again that with some thought we could continue to preserve in ways that become second nature, the more they are practised.

    You are a model citizen in the workshop Serge. Many will benefit from your tireless contributions to this community. From the examples of quality comments shown above, I guess we could say “The proof is in the pudding.”

    Merci, Till next, Ray R.