Shop Bumpers / Pare chocs d’atelier

J’ai passé un peu de temps à un léger réaménagement dans mon atelier. En entrant dans l’atelier j’avais devant moi le support mobile de serre-joints (B) que j’ai fabriqué il y a quelque temps, lequel bloquait la vue et la lumière. Tel que montré il a été remplacé par ma table à toupie (défonceuse) secondaire, sur laquelle j’ai déposé mon plateau d’assemblage (A).

I spent a little bit of time moving few items in my shop. When walking in the shop was standing the mobile clamp rack (B) I built a while ago, which was blocking the view and some light. As shown I replace it with my secondary router table, on which I dropped my assembly tabletop (A).

Shop Bumpers / Pare chocs d'atelier

Shop Bumpers / Pare chocs d'atelier

Maintenant je me sens moins confiné en entrant dans l’atelier et j’ai plus de clarté.

Now I feel less confined when walking in the shop and I get more light.

Shop Bumpers / Pare chocs d'atelier

J’ai essayé cette place sous l’établi pour ce petit chariot, mais je suis certain de me frapper les hanches sur cette poignée protubérante (encerclée) !

I tried this location under my workbench for this shop cart, but I’m sure I’ll be bumping my hips on this protuberant handle (circled)  !

Shop Bumpers / Pare chocs d'atelier

Une seule poignée causait problème compte tenu que la deuxième (flèche) se trouvait sous le plateau d’outils de l’établi.

Only on handle was an issue since the second (arrow) was tucked under the workbench tool tray.

Shop Bumpers / Pare chocs d'atelier

Pour prévenir les accidents, ma première idée fut d’y attacher un chiffon de couleur, ensuite l’idée d’un tube de mousse isolante pour tuyau de plomberie, pour finalement penser à cette nouille de piscine que j’ai trouvée sur le bord du chemin cet automne.

To prevent accidents, my first thought was to attach a colored rag, then came a plumbing pipe foam insulation tube, to end up thinking about this pool noodle that I found on the side of the road last fall.

Shop Bumpers / Pare chocs d'atelier

Ainsi j’ai la protection désirée, et la couleur est parfaite pour me garder attentif.

Now I have the desired protection, and the color is perfect to keep me alert.

Shop Bumpers / Pare chocs d'atelier

Il faut se rappeler qu’un atelier n’est jamais terminé !

Remember that a shop is always a work in progress !

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10 Responses to Shop Bumpers / Pare chocs d’atelier

  1. Mark Butler says:

    I’m glad I saved that noodle I found at the beach about 3 years ago. Still don’t know what I’ll do with it (I don’t have any protruding handles) but now I can show my wife that I’m not saving too much junk :).

    By the way, your scissors look like the ones Lee Valley have on special. I have so much trouble with scissors and have tried all kinds but thought I would try these. How do you like these?

    • Mark,

      Here’s another use for such noodle. And don’t forget to tell your wife about it ! 😉

      I own my scissors since couple of years and I like them, particularly for thick or fat stock as those noodles. And I’m still tempted to get two more from current special at Lee Valley ! By the way, today I shall receive the order I placed Friday. Can’t wait !


      • Mark Butler says:


        I like your other use even better. I have a cold chisel that once had a rubber collar to protect your hand but I have hit it so many times the rubber cracked in half. So now I hit my hand when I miss! This will be perfect now for the next time I miss.

        Thanks very much for all the time you put into sharing your experience. I hope you have a great Christmas and I’m looking forward to more posts in the New Year.

        • Thank you Mark,

          I’ll be posting my ideas as long as my energy allows me to do so. Since I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, energy is the main issue.

          Happy Holidays and let’s keep woodworking (think sharing).


  2. Steve Jones says:

    Great solution! Thank you for sharing.
    Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy 2015!

    • Thank you for your comment, Steve. Such foam noodles or pipe insulation tubes are great and handy in the shop !

      Best wishes for you as well. Healthy is the perfect word !


  3. JY Chin says:

    what i am using for the same purpose is a used tennis ball, it works quite well.

  4. Bill B. says:

    “Bonne journée!”

    Joyeux Noël and le Jour de l’An.

    Many thanks for sharing your “Wood Engineering Skills” over the past years. On the internet and in the magazines.

    Your willingness to share your talent with us is very much appreciated.

    My New Years Wish is for you to have a warm shop, sharp tools, and no cuts or bruises.

    Warmest regards,
    Bill B.

    • “Bonjour” Bill !

      Thank you for your kind words. Let’s hope I’ll have the required energy to keep posting my tips, techniques, experiences and so on.

      All the best,