Free Plexiglas (Acrylic) / Plexiglas (acrylique) gratuit

Pour un bricoleur, le Plexiglas est très pratique pour réaliser des gabarits, et/ou ou leur capot de sécurité. Il est habituellement vendu chez les revendeurs de vitres et de miroirs, mais à quel prix !

For a woodworker, Plexiglas is very handy for building jigs, and/or their safety shield. It is usually sold at glass and mirror retailers, but at what price !

Hier soir, lors de ma marche quotidienne, j’ai trouvé sur le bord de la route, appuyé contre une étagère démolie, ces quatre plaques de Plexiglas 1/4″. Deux font 14″ X 18″ et deux 14″ X 29″.

Yesterday evening, on my daily walk, I found on the side of the road, leaning against a torn-out bookcase, those four 1/4″ Plexiglas sheets. Two are 14″ X 18″ and two 14″ X 29″.

Free Plexiglas (Acrylic) / Plexiglas (acrylique) gratuit

Free Plexiglas (Acrylic) / Plexiglas (acrylique) gratuit

Je tenais à partager ma joie et ma chance d’avoir été là au bon moment. Elles seront mieux traitées dans mon atelier qu’au dépotoir ou au site d’enfouissement !

Morale: Gardons l’œil ouvert !

I wanted to share my joy and my chance for having been there at the right moment. They will get a better treatment in my shop than in the dumping ground or the landfill.

Moral: Let’s keep the eyes open !

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22 Responses to Free Plexiglas (Acrylic) / Plexiglas (acrylique) gratuit

  1. garym53 says:

    Lucky find! Indeed it IS expensive (albeit very useful)

    • Hi Gary, I was so excited that I had to share my find, hoping readers will open their eyes and sometimes be as lucky as I am once in a while.

      Best, (and thank you for stopping by)

      • garym53 says:

        Oh, I have been stopping by for years, I just don’t normally comment. I particularly come by for your MDF projects because I believe it is a much underused and much unjustly maligned material, but everything you do is interesting so thanks for all of that.

        • Thank you, Gary for being faithful as a reader. You’re right, MDF offers challenges as all other materials. What I like the most is its stability and flatness.


  2. Mark Butler says:

    You are just like me! I love recycling something for another use, especially when it’s free. I’m jealous of your find! I salvaged a pile of 4 foot lengths of rough sawn 4×6 hardwood shoring timbers that someone was going to haul to the dump. They were covered in mud and looked awful but after cleaning them up and milling them I was able to get enough 3 inch thick boards (a mix of maple and oak) to make a very sturdy work bench.

  3. Masnelli JB says:


    J’aimerais bien faire une pareille trouvaille!


  4. R.Lindh says:

    Just saw a large Plex. display case up the road from where I live for garbage pickup…And didn’t jump on it BUT now its gone!!My mistake!!

  5. eddieantley says:

    thanks serge ,its a useful item to keep a watch out for ,its a good note to remember it has to be put together with some weld/glue,here’s a u tube on it and also some other videos for bending it ,epoxy dont hold well

    not sure it did the link but ”How to Glue Acrylic (Plexiglass)” is the title

    • Hi Eddie,

      Yes, this is the way to go to bond acrylic. Thanks for sharing the title of the video. Using the title instead of a link offers a series of videos on the subject.


  6. Serge,

    I think everything I find is a treasure to be used. LOL! My shop is suffering from treasure hunting. I have plans for the stuff. Life seems to get in the way? You have seen pictures of my shop. By the way. I’m de-rusting and painting my metal tool boxes. Guess where my tools are laying? LOL! Some people use the plexiglass for permanent jigs.

    • Yes Tom, I saw your shop. And I can’t imagine where you dump your tools from the metal tool boxes. Probably you now have layers of tools hanging around in the shop. LOL 🙂

      Did you see this video about stuff ? Hilarious ! (5:09 min.)


    • garym53 says:

      Oh, Thomas I haven’t seen it – is it publicly available? It might make me feel better about mine – although I doubt it… 😉

  7. I met Serge on Lumberjocks when I did my version of a D handled router. My avitar is DocSavage45.

    My shop is shrinking! LOL! You can see that by the shop tools I’ve assembled and blogged about.

  8. John H says:

    I was just going through some of your older posts, and saw this post. I have also have found plexiglass (or similar type materials) from people who are throwing out old basketball backboards. I ask if I can take it, and if I receive permission I cut it off the plastic or metal frame and I have usable material for jigs and other projects. The best time to find them are after big “wind” storms when the portable basketball hoops blow down. Good Luck!!!

  9. gerard says:

    Je suis toujours en admiration devant vos trouvailles et vos conseils
    Grand merci pour tout Gerard de Bruxelles