Ultimate Router Wrench / Clé ultime pour toupie (défonceuse)

Pensez vous également que les manufacturiers incluent des clés de qualité discutable avec leurs toupies ? Avez-vous également noté qu’elles sont malcommodes à utiliser et blessantes pour les mains lors du serrage du collet ? Je possède plusieurs toupies et aucune société ne fourni des clés adéquates et confortables.

J’ai constaté qu’utiliser des clés ajustables, souvent appelées clé à molette, est une bonne façon d’adoucir et d’améliorer la prise et prévenir les maux aux mains. Je peux exercer pleine pression sans difficulté. En plus, le desserrage du collet est encore plus facile.

Un autre bon avantage est que vous n’avez rien à acheter compte tenu que vous en avez probablement déjà dans votre coffre à outils. Alors, sortez-les !

Do you also think that manufacturers supply cheap and flimsy wrenches with their routers ? Have you also noticed that they are awkward to use and hard on your hands when tightening collets?  I own several routers and no company provides adequate and comfortable wrenches.

I realized that using adjustable wrenches, sometime called angled wrench or crescent wrench, is a  great way to soften and get a better grip and prevent any sore hands. I can exert any amount of pressure and I don’t have any difficulty at all. And better, to unscrew the collet is even easier.

Another great advantage is that you don’t have to buy anything, since they probably are already in your tool box. So, keep them handy !

Ultimate Router Wrench / Clé ultime pour toupie (défonceuse)

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4 Responses to Ultimate Router Wrench / Clé ultime pour toupie (défonceuse)

  1. Eric R says:

    That is a smart idea Serge.
    The wrench that was supplied with my router is junk.
    Thank you for the tip my friend.

  2. Joe Vogler says:

    Great idea. Won’t work for all routers (not enough room next to motor). Fixed-width open-end wrenches can also work.

    But I share your disdain for stamped, sheet metal wrenches. I’ve often thought it would be cool to epoxy some wood to both sides of the handle area. Some shaping and sanding would make for a very comfortable handle. But, that idea never gets to the top of my list.

    Great blog BTW. Don’t know how you and so many others do it. I’m grateful.

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