Portable Midi Wood Lathe / Mini tour à bois transportable

Quand j’ai acheté mon mini tout à bois j’ai été stupéfié par son poids. Il m’était difficile de le déplacer car les bords coupants me faisaient mal aux mains. Alors j’ai décidé de le rendre plus portable. J’ai remplacé les quatre pieds par des blocs de bois et j’ai boulonné le tout sur deux plaques de contreplaqué collées afin de donner une prise confortable et douce. J’ai dû prendre en compte la hauteur entre le condensateur du moteur et la base, tel que montré par la flèche.

Le jour et la nuit !

When I purchased my Midi wood lathe I was stunned by its weight. It was difficult for me to move it since its sharp edges were tough on my hands. So I decided to make it more portable. I swapped the four feet for wood blocks and I bolted the all thing on two glued plywood scraps to get a comfortable and soft grip. I had to take into account the headroom between the motor capacitor and the base, as shown by the arrow.

Day and night !

Portable Midi Wood Lathe / Mini tour à bois transportable

Portable Midi Wood Lathe / Mini tour à bois transportable

Portable Midi Wood Lathe / Mini tour à bois transportable

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2 Responses to Portable Midi Wood Lathe / Mini tour à bois transportable

  1. mmessier11 says:

    Hi. I’d be interested to know more about your lathe. I am looking to buy one which is not expensive, but I don’t want Canadian Tire junk. May I know where you got yours for how much and how you like it? (Or what you don’t like about it?) I’m in Canada, (Nova Scotia) so it must be available here. Thanks for any help you can offer to me. Have a nice day.

    2014-04-21 7:01 GMT-03:00 “Atelier du Bricoleur (menuiserie)…..……

    • As a Canadian (Québec) I bought it in Canada. You won’t have trouble finding one here since the company is in Canada.

      Here are some links for you to get all required informations. By the way, I like this lathe.

      This is my lathe I purchased about two years ago

      My tool retailer store sells it at $499

      From Sears.ca at $649.99 but it’s the 3/4 HP model with variable speed.

      A YouTube introduction of the lathe

      A review from a user

      In Canada, here’s the General-Intl. current promotional flyer. Their newer and stronger 25-114QCM1 model is $654.99

      Now the decision is yours !


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