Pneumatic Nailer Gauge / Jauge pour cloueuse pneumatique

Qu’est-ce que c’est ?

Avant d’utiliser une cloueuse ou une agrafeuse pneumatique j’enfonce toujours une attache dans cette jauge au cas où une attache préalablement utilisée serait encore présente à l’intérieur de l’outil. De voir sortir un trop long clou du côté opposé d’un projet ne doit être arrivé qu’une seule fois pour apprécier cet objet d’allure bizarre à sa juste valeur.

Pneumatic Nailer Gauge


What is it ?

Before using a pneumatic nailer or stapler I always drive a fastener in this gauge just in case a previously used fastener would still be present inside the tool. Seeing a too long nail protrude from the opposite side of a project should have happened only once to appreciate this bizarre looking object to its full value.


Bon bricolage !

Happy Woodworking !



8 Responses to Pneumatic Nailer Gauge / Jauge pour cloueuse pneumatique

  1. Wally Flower says:

    Good one. Sometimes the most simple steps save you from the most complicated repairs.

    • Hi Wally, Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

      Sometimes I wonder if I should post a particular topic and when I finally do I don’t regret since usually someone out there was waiting for it.


  2. Jim Barry says:

    I’d have to say the safer bet would be to visually check.

    • Hi Jim, Obviously, you’re right. However, if like me your vision is not as good as it was (think Diplopia), my jig is an easy answer.


      • Jim Barry says:

        Its still safer to check the chamber. Use something like a thick piece of bristol board to clear out the chamber if your vision is not that great.