Band Saw Table & Fence / Table & guide de scie à ruban

Voici la scie à ruban que j’ai acquise en 1975 (j’ai encore la facture !). Comme vous pouvez le constater, le plateau qui fait 11″ par 11″ n’a aucune rainure pour un guide à onglets, aucun guide parallèle et aucune disposition pour en ajouter.

Here is the band saw I acquired in 1975 (I still have the invoice !). As you can notice, the 11″ by 11″ table has no miter gauge groove, no rip fence and no provision to add one.

1 Band Saw Table & Fence


Après avoir coupé un plateau de 18″ par 18″ qui sera centré entre la lame et le bâti, j’arrondi les coins à ma ponceuse à disque maison.

After cutting a 18″ by 18″ table top that will be centered between the blade and the body, I round over the corners at my homemade disk sander.

2 Band Saw Table & Fence


Ensuite je coupe jusqu’au centre. Notez que la ligne centrale est un ancien trait de scie peu profond. Ceci est le projet idéal pour utiliser cette plaque de MDF sur laquelle un mince film de plastique est appliqué en usine.

Then I cut up to the center. Note that the central line is an old shallow saw kerf. This is the ideal project to use this thin plastic film factory coated MDF board.

3 Band Saw Table & Fence


Je mesure depuis le bord droit pour déterminer où façonner une rainure pour ce guide à onglets.

I measure from the right edge to determine where to mill a groove for this miter gauge.

4 Band Saw Table & Fence


Avant d’aller plus loin je fraise les arêtes des deux faces.

Before going any further I chamfer all edges on both faces.

5 Band Saw Table & Fence


J’ajuste la hauteur de la lame du banc de scie avec une chute pour noyer la tige du guide à onglets.

I set the height of the table saw blade using a scrap to sink the miter gauge runner.

6 Band Saw Table & Fence


J’ajuste le guide parallèle après chaque passe, minutieusement. Je ne veux pas que la rainure soit trop large. Je la veux parfaite !

I set the rip fence after each pass, meticulously. I don’t want the groove to be too wide. I want it perfect !

7 Band Saw Table & Fence


Et oui, j’ai fait deux rainures, une du côté droit et une au devant, à la même distance des bords.

Yes, I made two grooves, one on the right side and one at the front, at the same distance from the edges.

8 Band Saw Table & Fence


De retour à la scie à ruban je dépose la plaque, j’aligne le bord droit de celle-ci avec le côté du plateau de métal de la scie à ruban, et je trace le périmètre de cette dernière en dessous.

Back to the band saw I drop the board, I align its right edge with the side of the band saw metal table, and I trace the perimeter of this latter from under.

9 Band Saw Table & Fence


Après avoir coupé quatre tasseaux (ou butées), j’en visse deux sur les lignes à l’établi.

After cutting four cleats (or stops), I screw two on the lines at the workbench.

10 Band Saw Table & Fence


Oups! Une entaille est nécessaire pour contourner le boulon qui aligne la table de métal.

Oops! A recess is required to bypass the metal table aligning bolt.

11 Band Saw Table & Fence


Je prends toutes les précautions pour bien aligner les deux tasseaux restants avant de les visser.

I take all precautions to properly align the two remaining cleats before screwing.

12 Band Saw Table & Fence


Le tasseau arrière doit être retiré et coupé pour passer la lame de scie.

The back cleat must be removed and cut for the saw blade to slip through.

13 Band Saw Table & Fence


J’ai décidé d’utiliser deux sauterelles pour assujettir le plateau afin de faciliter le changement de la lame lorsque requis.

I decided to use two toggle clamps to secure the table to ease blade changing when required.

14 Band Saw Table & Fence


Cette rainure est parfaite pour tronçonner.

This groove is perfect for crosscutting.

15 Band Saw Table & Fence


Après avoir coupé un morceau de 2″ par 18″ du même matériau que le plateau, je fraise une arête (pour la poussière) et j’arrondi à ma ponceuse à disque les deux coins du coté parallèle.

After cutting a 2″ by 18″ piece from the same material as the top, I chamfer one edge (for the dust) and I round over opposite parallel side corners at my disk sander.

16 Band Saw Table & Fence


Une fois fixé sur le guide à onglets, j’ai le guide parallèle depuis si longtemps rêvé ! Grâce à la flexibilité du guide à onglets il sera facile d’ajuster le guide pour suivre le trajet de la lame de scie. La rainure parallèle peut également accueillir un peigne pour refendre.

Lors de l’utilisation, un serre-joint est requis à une extrémité du guide parallèle pour le bloquer sur le plateau.

Once secured to the miter gauge, I now have the rip fence I dreamed of for so long ! Because of the flexibility of the miter gauge it’ll be easy to adjust the fence for any saw blade drift. The parallel groove can also host a featherboard while ripping.

I use, a clamp is required at one end of the rip fence to lock it down on the table.

17 Band Saw Table & Fence


Voici une vue de près du chanfrein essentiel où se glissera la poussière.

Here is a close up of the essential chamfer that will gather the dust.

18 Band Saw Table & Fence


Bon bricolage !

Happy Woodworking !


15 Responses to Band Saw Table & Fence / Table & guide de scie à ruban

  1. Mike says:

    Nice work!

  2. Morgan says:

    Nice Serge, Do you use a clamp to hold the rip fence in place? Or something else?

    • Hey Morgan,

      Oops! I forgot to mention this one. Yes, the rip fence is secured with a clamp. I will edit the post in seconds. Thank you very much for raising this issue.

      By the way, I hope everything is fine down in Arizona !


      • Morgan says:

        All is well, though a bit on the warm side… hehe. Need to leave and visit Chris! Building some nice projects, and the wood working on one home is just spectacular. Very modern, veneer cabinets, just so fun to look at.
        Here is short video of how I plant trees.

        • Morgan, I’m happy to know that all is well down there. And no doubt the warm temperature has set, and for a while I believe. If you visit Chris you will have a welcome break from that heavy warmth.

          Thanks for the video. That is the way to plant trees! What a change seeing such background landscape , what is quite different from what we see here. Thanks for sharing that too.

          All the best,


        • Morgan,

          Neat video. How long until you can harvest the wood? 😉


  3. Great idea, Serge! I figured out what you were going to do when you milled that second perpendicular groove.

    What was the bandsaw worth back in 1975?

    Chris, from rainy and cool Port Moody.

    • Thanks, Chris. I thought I still had the invoice since I remember having written the purchase date on the body of the band saw not so long ago. Finally I only have the owner’s manual on which I wrote the day I received it (04/1975) after ordering from the Eaton’s catalog.


  4. Dean says:

    I’m very glad that I “tripped’ upon this website. I envy your mind, and the talent it takes to come up with these things and then to make them into reality. It’s genius, really. Thanks for letting me sign up. Fascinating.

    • Hi Dean, I’m very happy you like what I do and come up with. And thank you for following me in my woodworking journey. Since woodworking is a passion for me, I always look around for more and new ideas. And for the most important, I try, and I try, and I try ! 🙂


  5. Glad I found this… Nice table. I’m building one now and was interested in how you mounted yours. How are the toggle clamps working out? Do you get any movement or is it nice and snug?


    • I like my table. The toggle clamps are so effective that I’m always tempted to move the saw (think mobile base) by grabbing the table, but I refrain from doing this because I’m afraid with time the toggle clamps may get loose. So, you said it, nice and snug !


  6. Big B says:

    Anyone willing to build me this table extension for a craftsman 10 inch band saw? If interested leave me contact info and we will talk price.

    • Any reason why you don’t build it yourself ? If you own a band saw, I assume you are a woodworker. Thus if you are a woodworker, I assume you can build such table extension. I really don’t understand your request !