Cartridge Respirator Mask / Masque respiratoire à cartouches

Les filtres ou cartouches du masque respiratoire ayant une vie très limitée, il est important de les tenir éloignés de tout contaminant. Voici donc une solution simple, facile et économique. Rangez-le dans un sac de congélation hermétique. J’aime également garder la notice en carton tout près, mais toutefois à l’extérieur du sac.

Cartridge Respirator Mask

Cartridges or filters of a respirator mask having a limited life time, it is important to keep any contaminant away from them. Here is a simple, easy and economical solution. Store it in a sealed freezing bag. I also like to keep the cardboard id close to it, but outside the bag.


2 Responses to Cartridge Respirator Mask / Masque respiratoire à cartouches

  1. Jim Barry says:

    Hi, I keep mine stored as well in a container. However, it should be noted that you should not put your mask in storage right away after use. The mask is full of moisture from breathing. Storing the mask right away can lead to mold growth… and that is the last thing you want to happen to your mask. I typically wipe down the inside part of the face mask to speed the drying. And never store it in direct sunlight while its stored in a sealed container.