Miter Gauge Quick 90° Setting / Réglage rapide du guide à onglets à 90°

Difficile de régler votre guide à onglets en se basant sur l’aiguille d’origine et les lignes épaisses ?

Difficult to set your miter gauge based on the original pointer and the thick lines ?

1 Miter Gauge Quick 90° Setting


Desserrez le bouton, déposez le guide à onglets à l’envers dans la rainure du banc de scie et pressez-le sur la façade du banc de scie tout en glissant votre main dessous pour le serrez à nouveau. Le réglage à 90° est effectué en un instant !

Unlock the knob, drop the miter gauge up side down in the table saw slot and press it on the front of the table saw while slipping your hand under to tighten it back. The 90° setting is done in no time !

2 Miter Gauge Quick 90° Setting


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4 Responses to Miter Gauge Quick 90° Setting / Réglage rapide du guide à onglets à 90°

  1. DonB says:

    I made your TS feather board yesterday. Had to modify it and use it on the router table instead because your full sized TS had a ton of room before the blade and my DeWalt 744 has very little. It fits quite well on my home made router though. Thank you.

    • Hi Don. Thank you for stopping by.

      You did the right thing, customize the idea to fit your needs. By the way, I should make one or two for my portable Delta table saw.


  2. John Stegall says:

    Good one Serge! If the design of the saw does not allow this, a notch can be out of a piece of plexiglass (US name) the same depth as the bar. This allows the plastic (wood, metal, or thin mdf can be used also) to fit between the saw and the gauge to also set it to a fast 90 degrees.