Pickup Truck Bed Cover #12 Couvre caisse de pickup

Voici donc mon projet terminé et installé sur mon pickup.

Le couvre caisse est assujetti avec des cordes attachées aux crochets de la boîte du camion et qui passent par les trous des poignées pratiqués dans les barres transversales.

Here is my finished project installed on my pickup truck.

The bed cover is secured with ropes tied to the bed hooks and threaded through the handle holes bored in the cross bars.

110 Pickup Truck Bed Cover


111 Pickup Truck Bed Cover


112 Pickup Truck Bed Cover


113 Pickup Truck Bed Cover


114 Pickup Truck Bed Cover



6 Responses to Pickup Truck Bed Cover #12 Couvre caisse de pickup

  1. DonB says:

    Well done! The color goes well with the truck. Hope your weather is kind to the finish.

    • Thanks, Don. I tried to match the color and the shine as much as possible. I used deck and patio paint and I think it should stand the North American climat.

      Best, and Merry Christmas!

  2. Eric R says:

    Very nice job as usual Serge.
    I think it adds a cool look to your truck as well !
    Merry Christmas my friend, and thank you.

  3. Chris Wong says:

    Salut Serge,

    The cover looks excellent – very professional. I hope the winter is kind to you.


    • Thank you, Chris.

      I’m very happy with the results. From an artistic eye like yours, it’s a great compliment.

      Above ground winters must be much more kind than below ground! 🙂


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