Clamps Keeper / Gardien de serre-joints

Je suis limité à ranger ma collection de serre-joints à coulisse et à tuyau sur les murs de mon atelier. Malheureusement (façon de parler) les murs ne sont pas inclinés comme les supports de serre-joints mobiles et trop souvent un ou plusieurs tombent lorsque j’en prends un ou lorsque je le remets en place. 

Tel que montré sur la photo, j’ai résolu le problème en ajoutant une bande de tapis antidérapant sur les tablettes étroites qui supportent les serre-joints avec du ruban adhésif double-face. J’airais pu utiliser du papier à poncer à grains fins ou agrafer un mince tapis de liège que l’on trouve dans les centres de rénovation, mais par chance (façon de parler) j’en avais une grande quantité dédié aux tiroirs que je planifie construire.

Quel soulagement !

I must rely on my workshop walls to store my collection of bar clamps and pipe clamps. Unfortunatly (way of speaking) the walls are not slanted as a mobile rack is and too often one or several clamps fall off when I reach for a clamp or when I store it back.

As shown on the photo, I solved my problem by lining the support shelves with anti-skid shelf liner secured with double-sticked tape. I could have done the same thing using PSA sandpaper or by stapling 1/8″-thick cork padding available at home centers, but fortunatly (way of speaking) I had plenty of shelf liner that were dedicated to the drawers I’m planning to build.

What a relief!


4 Responses to Clamps Keeper / Gardien de serre-joints

  1. Serge,

    Good idea. This way, I believe, you don’t need to use pressure to keep the clamps from falling off the rack. I was in a fabric store in my area and saw that they had wide rolls of this drawer liner from which you could cut off whichever length you need. This surprised me to see it sold in bulk. Look into in if you need any… it might save you money!


    • Salut Chris,

      You’re right, no pressure required. This stuff is very useful, inside and outside the shop. I used to get mine from dollar stores but I also found and bought few 2′ X 20′ rolls at Costco. Next time I’ll be close to a fabric store I’ll pick a sneak. Thanks! 🙂


  2. Eric R says:

    An excellent use for that material Serge !
    I bought several rolls of that material from the dollar store and have found many uses for it.
    This is a very smart use for it.
    Thank you for sharing your most recent idea !

    • Hi Eric,

      Yes, great material. It’s already indispensable here in the house and in my shop. I use to buy mine from dollar stores and I found 2′ X 20′ rolls (40 sq.ft) at Costco. Great saving and better quality! Do you have any particular uses for it to share?