Sharing my Last Purchases / Partage de mes derniers achats

Je veux partager mon enthousiasme pour mes derniers achats.

Voici l’ensemble de fer à arrondir pour la toupie (défonceuse). Je voulais précisément le plus gros, 2-1/2’’ de diamètre, pour arrondir des bords à 1’’ de rayon. Compte tenu d’un rabais substantif et de la gratuité des frais de port et manutention, l’ensemble était plus attrayant.

I want to share my enthousiasm for my last purchases.

Here is the set of roundover bits for the router. I particularly wanted the largest one, 2-1/2’’ in diameter, to round edges to 1’’ radius. Since the discount was substantive and the posting and handling were free, the set was more than attractive.


Voici le monstre de 1’’ de rayon comparé avec mon pouce et le plus petit de ma collection, 1/8’’ de rayon.

Here is the 1’’ radius monster compared to my thumb and the smallest of my collection, 1/8’’ radius.


En parcourant le site web du commerçant je suis tombé sur cette râpe courbée de sculpteur, modèle que je n’avais jamais vu. Compte tenu de son utilité pour les cavités, je lui ai donné une chance, et un foyer. La poignée de plastique est incluse.

While browsing the merchant’s website, I fell on this contoured carver’s rasp, a model that I’d never saw. Since it could be useful in cavities, I gave it a try, and a home. The plastic handle is included.


Dans ces situations je me sens comme un enfant !

In those situations I feel like a child!


4 Responses to Sharing my Last Purchases / Partage de mes derniers achats

  1. Stroland43 says:

    Who did you buy them from? They look great!

  2. bob817 says:

    Hello Serge, I was wondering if you care to share that website?
    I get the same way when I find a great deal too. Have a great day Sir. Bob Brennan

    • Hello Bob,

      I ordered from Busy Bee Tools.
      As mentioned on my post, when I ordered Shipping and Handling was free and all router bits and sets were 15% off. I couldn’t resist! I suggest you register to their website to get an email when any special event occurs (regularly). I think it would be a good idea if went I add a post to my blog and I’m aware of such deal, I should mention it. Even if they ship only in Canada and USA, readers from other countries will see what’s available on the market.

      Thank you for your input.