Horizontal Edge Sander / Ponceuse de champs horizontale

Compte tenu que ma ponceuse à courroie stationnaire n’offre aucun support vertical pour poncer les champs, j’ai fabriqué ce gabarit pour ma ponceuse à courroie stationnaire de 6’’ X 48’’ qui se fixe sur la table de ma perceuse à colonne avec des serre-joints, comme montré sur la deuxième photo.

Since my stationary belt sander lacks of vertical support to sand edges, I came up with a jig for my 6″ X 48″ stationnary belt sander that clamps on my drill press table, as shown on the second photo.


Le gabarit de 25’’ X 12’’ X 6’’ se monte sur la table de ma perceuse à colonne afin qu’elle puisse être relevée au-dessus de la ponceuse. Notez l’angle biseauté du gabarit qui sert à garder la courroie le plus froid possible, égalise l’usure et réduit les accumulations de résine. Le gabarit est fait de MDF 3/4’’, à l’exception des côtés triangulaires, lesquels sont faits de HDF 5/16’’ que j’avais sous la main.

The 25″ X 12″ X 6″ jig mounts on my drill press table so it can be lifted above the belt sander.  Take note that the skew angle of the jig is to keep the belt as cool as possible, even the wear and reduce resin clogs.  The jig is made out of 3/4″ MDF, except for the triangle sides, which are made out of 5/16″ HDF that I had on hand.


Pour des résultats parfaits, le gabarit doit être à 90° de la courroie, raison pour laquelle j’ai dû ajouter une cale de 1/16’’ près du rebord avant de la table de la perceuse à colonne.

To get perfect results, the jig must be at 90° from the sanding belt, reason why I had to add a 1/16″ shim close to the front edge of my drill press table.



Comme vous pouvez l’imaginer, le ponçage des champs est maintenant un plaisir dans mon atelier, particulièrement pour les pièces minces.

Ce gabarit est aussi très utile comme table auxiliaire de grand format pour la perceuse à colonne.

As you can imagine, now edge sanding is a pleasure in my workshop, particularly on thin stock.

This jig is also very usefull as a larger auxiliairy drill press table.




6 Responses to Horizontal Edge Sander / Ponceuse de champs horizontale

  1. Where do you get all these ideas from? No wonder you’re known as the most prolific tipster of our time!

    • Hey Chris,

      Thank you for your comment and kind words. To answer your question, I get most of my ideas from my own needs. If I remember correctly, necessity is mother of invention, right? I also get ideas when I see someone doing something and instantly get the “There’s a better way” that pops up into my mind.


  2. Sid Mann says:

    Bon jour… This site is a combination goldmine & encyclopedia for woodworkers, thank you.
    And now, a question: The 3rd photo shows a try square that is very similar to one I own. The blade is graduated from 1 to 12″ on one side and 12 to 1″ on the other. Where your’s has a brass triangle at the joint mine has a brass square shape with 4 pins. I bought mine at an estate sale a while ago and have wondered how old it may be.
    Do you know when they they might have been produced?

    Thanks and regards,
    Sarasota Florida

    • Hi Sid, Thank you for your kind words about my site.

      To answer your question I tried to locate my try square (got it from my father-in-law) and for now I can’t find it. As you can see, I’m not fully organized ! 🙂 When I will come across, I’ll check if there’s any date on it and I’ll send you an email, if that’s OK with you.



      • Sid Mann says:

        Thanks for your reply…
        I think yours might be an 8 or 9 inch with the triangular joint and the 12 inch might need the square arraignment for the added strength. No rush to respond.
        How can I email a photo to you?
        As an aside, I am from Athol, Massachusetts, home of Laroy S Starrett, the inventor of the combination square. The company is still going strong!

        Regards, Sid
        Sarasota FL

        • Sid, you’re right, I remember that mine is shorter than 12″, meaning 8-9 inches makes good sense.

          You will find my email address in the Contact & Influence category, right colomn.

          From Mass to Florida ? It looks like you chose a state that snow melts quickly, right ?