A Handy Storage Tip – Un truc pratique de rangement

Tel que montré sur la photo, les tubes vides de papier hygiénique peuvent être un bon moyen pour être organisé dans l’atelier. Ici j’y range efficacement les différents types de fils électriques que j’utilise pour mes expériences et travaux électriques.

As shown on the picture, emply bathroom issue tubes can be a great way to be organized in the shop. Here I’m efficiently storing different types of electrical wires that I use for my electrical experiences and tasks.



Et que dire de les utiliser comme séparateurs dans des boîtes de conserve ?

How about using them as dividers in tin cans?


Les tubes vides de serviettes de papier peuvent aussi être utilisés comme séparateurs dans les boîtes de conserve plus hautes pour organiser les goujons.

Paper towels emply tubes can aslo be used as deviders in tall tin cans to organize dowels.



4 Responses to A Handy Storage Tip – Un truc pratique de rangement

  1. John Stegall says:

    Serge, once more to the rescue. Your storage idea for your electric “test cords” triggered an idea to use some leftover pieces of pvc pipe to better store some extra extension cords mostly used for Christmas lighting. Thank you.

  2. Mark Butler says:

    I feel the same as John. Once again you triggered a great idea for storing my less used corded tools. I came up with a great way to store my corded tools many years ago. It’s basically a square box with a self on top to hold the tool with a 2 inch hole below to stuff the folded cord into. I love this set up because it’s quick and easy to grab a tool and return it to it’s place.

    But over the years I’ve collected many more corded tools and I have no more wall space to store them so I end up using elastic bands to hold the cords. Paper rolls or as John said, PVC makes so much sense. As usual I think to myself, why didn’t I think of that!!
    Mark Butler