Tiny Portable Router Table #17 Mini table à toupie portative

J’étends un étroit filet de colle au fond des feuillures pour minimiser les bavures.

I spread a narrow bead of glue in the back corner of the rabbets to minimize squeeze out.


Comme d’habitude, j’enlève le surplus de colle des coins intérieurs avec une paille de plastique, que je coupe au fur et à mesure qu’elle se remplie.

As usual, I remove any excess glue from the inside corners with a plastic straw, that I cut as soon as it gets filled.


Compte tenu de la dénivellation, je ne peux utiliser de serre-joints. Alors je me tourne encore vers mes poids lourds.

Because of the unevenness, I can’t use clamps. So, once again I’m turning to my heavy weights.


À cause de cette dénivellation, ces petites languettes, placées à l’endroit exact où la pression doit être exercée, m’assureront de bons collages.

 Because of this unevenness, these small strips, put at the exact location where pressure must be applied, will ensure good bonds.


2 Responses to Tiny Portable Router Table #17 Mini table à toupie portative

  1. Hi Serge,

    I’ve used your straw tip a few times and learned that if you let the glue harden inside the straw, you can just squeeze the straw and the glue pops out. Using this method, you could use a handful of straws indefinitely.

    • Thanks Chris, I will try it. However, I will need more straws to work with since I will have to wait for the glue to dry before getting it out. In one session I often cut a straw at least 10 times, meaning I will need to work with 5 straws.