Portable Dovetail Jig Station #5 Station portative pour guide de queue d’aronde. » 25 Dovetail Jig Station – LJ

2 Responses to 25 Dovetail Jig Station – LJ

  1. zetuskid says:

    I really like your methodology. “Plan ur work, work ur plan”. It all seems to work out better that way!LOL Tell me something, how much of a learning curve is there with those mechanized dove tail machines and do they really work well that well?
    Thanks for sharing,

    • Serge says:

      Frankly, I bought my first dovetail jig about 30 years ago and it worked fine, but I didn’t use it much. In those days I was working and had a family to entertain. Then I won the one shown in the post I sent you but didn’t try it yet, reason why some day I will try to sell it (think brand new). Few years ago I made one myself according to an article found in a woodworking magazine and tried it. It worked well too. As I’m getting older I realize that I don’t have as much patience, energy and will as in my younger days. But we never know what tomorrows will bring. Let’s hope for the best.
      One thing is sure, I won’t cut any dovetail with hand tools.
      That’s all I can say about dovetail jigs.

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