Jauge de coupe en érable et ébène #3 Maple & Ebony Kerf Gauge

Après avoir coupé une tranche d’un morceau d’ébène, je dresse un côté avec la varlope.
After ripping a slice from a piece of ebony, I plane one side with a handplane.

J’ai fait une rainure dans une des pièces d’érable feuillurée et je coupe une languette d’ébène pour l’y insérer.
I made a groove in one of the rabetted pieces of maple and I rip a strip of ebony to slip it in.

De retour au crochet d’établi, j’ajuste la languette à la largeur de la rainure avec la varlope.
Back to the bench hook, I thin down the strip to the width of the groove with the handplane.

Assez serré ?
Tight enough?

Un petit filet de colle est suffisant pour retenir la languette dans la rainure.
A small bead of glue is sufficiant to keep the strip in the groove.

Je laisse sécher la colle pendant quelques heures.
I let the glue dry for several hours.

2 Responses to Jauge de coupe en érable et ébène #3 Maple & Ebony Kerf Gauge

  1. Hey Serge,

    It’s a nice change to see you using hand tools, especially the bench hook. That is one fine looking tool you are making. It looks like you did a great job tuning up your hand plane.

    How do you like WordPress so far? I see you took the time to categorize everything. I find that WordPress makes it easier to sort and find posts than Windows Live did. It’s an improvement in my books.

    Happy woodworking,

    • Hi Chris,
      I kinda like WordPress so far. Nice and practical improvements are available. In my prior site all the entries were categorized as well and the transfer worked quite well with these. Only the links must be adjusted, what I will do in my spare times.
      Happy woodworking too,